New Set of Palo Alto Cell Towers Proposed for Residential Zones

Oppose This Unconstitutional Expansion of
Wireless into Residential Zones

Watch highly-educated, well-informed Palo Alto residents who oppose
so-called “Small Cell” cell towers in residential neighborhoods
(View from 1:03:53 to 1:10:25 in this video)

On 6/27/16, Verizon Wireless signed a Master License Agreement (“MLA”) with the City of Palo Alto allowing the attachment of antennas and other equipment (so-called “Small Cell” Cell Towers) on city owned poles in the public Right-of-Way for a paltry $260 per antenna per year.

  • Ninety-three (93) such wireless communication facility (“WCF”) installations are currently planned to be co-located on wood utility poles and metal streetlights. – Approximately seventy-nine (79) of these small cells are proposed to be colocated on existing wood utility poles;
  • Fourteen (14) small cells are proposed to be installed on existing city streetlights.
  • The fifteen (15) cell towers shown in the image target the Midtown, Palo Verde, St. Claire Gardens, and South of Midtown neighborhoods.
  • These proposed so-called “Small Cell” Cell Towers are purported to provide the City of Palo Alto with better Verizon network capacity and coverage, but are they really needed? Palo Alto already has full Verizon coverage and Verizon has not proven that there is a significant gap in coverage in these targeted neighborhoods.

Is This Wireless Expansion Needed or Even Legal?