Do This, Instead . . .

Tips to Minimize RF Microwave Radiation Exposures from Personal Wireless Devices

  • Choose to not use a Wireless router/access point in your home; instead rely on wired Ethernet connections to all computers, laptops and cell phones, using Lightning-to-USB-to-Ethernet adapters and USB-to-Ethernet adapters
  • Power off all antennas on technology devices in your home, including routers/modems, televisions, television streaming boxes (AppleTV, Roku, AndroidTV, etc.), cameras, security cameras, audio speakers, and so-called “smart” appliances: thermostats, light bulbs, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers
  • Power off all of the antennas on cell phones and wireless devices at home and whenever possible (cellular call antenna, cellular data antenna, bluetooth antenna, Wi-Fi antenna, Mobile Hotspot antenna, GPS/location services antenna)
  • Instead, power off the antennas on these devices and connect them to a wired Ethernet network
  • When antennas are powered on, keep cell phones at least 24″ away from the head and body
  • When antennas are powered on, keep wireless devices at least 24″ away from the head and body, and off of laps.
  • When antennas are powered on, make only short or essential calls on cell phones.
  • When antennas are powered on, use text messaging instead of voice calls whenever possible.
  • Avoid sleeping next to cell phones or wireless devices with antenna powered on
  • Keep non-prescription electronics out of bedrooms.
  • If you depend upon medical devices with wireless functions, check how often they may be set to “airplane mode,” and ask your health care provider about adequate alternatives that do not emit RF microwave radiation.
  • Avoid charging phones and devices in bedrooms.
  • Use a corded (not cordless) home phone a wired landline telephone handset, or a wired Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone line whenever possible, especially for voice calls longer than 30 seconds
  • Pre-download videos to cell phones and portable devices instead of streaming music or video wirelessly.
  • Minimize the number of apps running on wireless devices.
  • If Wi-Fi cannot be entirely eliminated, put the Wi-Fi router on a timer to turn off when not needed (especially while sleeping). It is much better to eliminate Wi-Fi completely.
  • Select wired options and provide them to others, such as for computers, laptops, tablets, printers, gaming consoles and handsets, mouse, keyboards, cameras, speakers, headphones, microphones and other accessories.