Making FCC Comments on FCC Order 19-226

Instructions for Submitting Comments in FCC RF Docket

  1. Go to the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System Home Page
  2. Select “Submit a Filing” —
  3. You will have the choice of an “express comment” that you type into the form or a “standard filing” in which you can upload a letter or other comment document. You might want to choose “standard filing” if it is a letter that you could also submit to your Congressional representatives.
  4. In either case, the first step is to identify the “Proceeding” in which you seek to file your comment.
  5. Enter in the first line – Proceeding(s) – the number 19-226, which is the docket that the FCC left open after the FCC adopted its decision not to conduct a rulemaking and terminate the Notice of Inquiry.
  6. The Docket is Entitled “Targeted Changes to the Commission’s Rules Regarding Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields, ET Docket No. 19-226.
  7. Follow the instructions for your comment. There is no requirement that any law firm represent you if you submit a “standard filing”. Simply ignore the information about lawyers/law firm.
  8. It is required that you identify yourself and provide address information, including a valid email address.
  9. It is recommended that you provide specific information about the physical harm caused to you/member of family/etc.
  10. You might also want to submit this information to your Congressional representatives and Senators, as well as your local government.