Wire America™ is a call to action and a citizen journalist and advocacy organization. Our organization is dedicated to preserving local control over Wired Broadband and Wireless Telecommunications infrastructure. Local communities must retain the freedom to integrate the best Broadband options for their residents. We have successfully worked at the federal, state and local levels to tame the unnecessary, dense deployment of 4G/5G so-called “small” Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (sWTFs) in residential neighborhoods.

This is where too much of America is headed: 24/7 government surveillance enabled by too many antennas, cameras, sensors much too close to the ground and far too close to homes, schools, parks and medical/care facilities. These antennas pump excessive amounts of Electromagnetic Power through-the-air.

Instead of dangerous Wireless Broadband, America needs the long-promised, but largely undelivered solution: Fiber Optics to the Premises (FTTP). For those that value freedom, we must defeat and/or repeal the dangerous and corrupt Wireless Industry-sponsored state bills that violate many state constitutions and Federal Acts including, but not limited to

  • the 1996 Telecommunications Act
  • the National Environmental Policy Act
  • the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • the Fair Housing Amendments Act


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