Cease-and-Desist Order for Verizon Cell Tower

By Brittany Polito, Feb 24, 2022 | Original iBerkshires article here.

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — The Board of Health on Wed Feb 23 announced that it is moving forward with its cease-and-desist order for Verizon to remove its cell tower at 877 South St. An executive session was held to discuss the details with City Solicitor Stephen Pagnotta.

Chair Bobbie Orsi reported:

“We, through our executive session, had a lively discussion with the city solicitor and have made the decision to not change our intention to move forward with the cease-and-desist order. We will, however, align our resources towards a strategy that will afford us the best possibility of success, and so that will be what we will do next.”

The action was approved in early February. The order was held in abeyance for seven days and if the wireless provider did not agree to have a meeting with the board and demonstrate a desire to cooperate to the board’s satisfaction, it was intended to go into effect.

Board members acknowledged that this action is a long shot and would be expensive to the city if it has to go to court, but they said they felt it is their duty to do everything they can to protect the health of residents.

Since the tower’s construction in August 2020, Alma Street resident Courtney Gilardi has spoken during open microphone about negative health effects from the RF microwave radiation that is being transmitted from and to the antennas on the 115-foot Wireless Telecommunications Facility (WTF). Other residents have also joined her protests.

At the meeting, Gilardi, family members, and a number of neighborhood residents spoke in support of the order and thanked the board for their efforts.