Pittsfield Board of Health asks Verizon to move a controversial cell tower

Adapted from an article By Matt Ristaino, Oct 8, 2021 | Original Spectrum News article here.

Pittsfield residents: “We’re very hopeful for a solution by this Christmas.”

The Pittsfield Board of Health Asked Verizon to Take Down a Controversial Cell Tower.

Verizon is under no legal order to do so, but, residents who suffered negative health consequences caused by the RF Microwave radiation from that cell tower, hope the tower will be powered off before Christmas. A similarly poorly-sited tower that was installed in front of a home in Sacramento, CA in March 2019 was powered off around mid-August, 2021, after a long campaign by that family that had two children injured by the RF Microwave radiation from that tower.

Residents believe that Verizon powered off the Sacramento cell tower because the evidence of harms from the cell tower’s RF microwave radiation was entered into the FCC’s public record by the Children’s Health Defense in the law suit that CHD won against the FCC. The landmark Aug 13, 2021 ruling in Case 20-1025, EHT/CHD v FCC stated:

“We grant the petitions in part and remand to the Commission [the FCC]. The Commission failed to provide a reasoned explanation for its determination that its guidelines adequately protect against the harmful effects of exposure to radiofrequency [microwave] radiation . . .”

The Board of Health will be suggesting alternate sites for relocation.

Pittsfield’s interim public health director, Andy Cambi, said:

“We got an opportunity to discuss with Verizon the evidence presented by the residents and we advocated for a solution.”

Verizon didn’t offer an immediate answer, but for neighborhood residents, who say they’ve been dealing with health problems since the tower was turned on last year, there is some hope.

Neighborhood resident, Ann Carey, said:

“To finally have the board of health to ask Verizon to take it down is such a positive step. I’m very hopeful.”

Neighbor Charlie Herzig said.

““I’m glad to see that they’re starting to take things more seriously, and they see that there is a problem. We’re just really glad to have the backing to get our neighborhood back.”

This new wave of support for the neighborhood goes even further. The state legislature is debating a bill to create a commission to study the problems created by RF Electromagnetic Radiation exposures from cell towers. Former Pittsfield Public Health director Gina Armstrong and former Board of Health chair Alan Kulberg wrote a letter in support of the bill before leaving their respective positions last month.

Courtney Gilardi has been spearheading the neighborhood’s effort to fight the tower. She said:

“It felt like it gave us, finally, a voice, and that we’re not invisible. People are harmed by wireless radiation every day. The consequences of improperly siting towers is real. To be acknowledged like that was a great feeling.”

Right now, Verizon is under no legal order to power off the tower. Cambi acknowledged they’re unlikely to do so. However, he and the Board of Health are working on a list of alternative sites where the tower could be relocated.

Cambi said:

“We’ll definitely bring that forward to the next conversation, just to say, ‘hey, you know, we’ve done a little legwork, is moving the tower feasible?’ We want to keep that open communication with them right now. We want to give them alternatives, we want to reach a solution.”