Monterey Cell Tower Con Moves to Watsonville

Print edition, Monterey Herald; Sunday, May 13, 2018

Watsonville, CA residents just dodged a bullet. Or did they?

With no quorum at their May 8th meeting, the City Council could not vote on a new ordinance that eliminates public hearings and Planning Commission review of “small cell” towers next to homes, schools, and businesses in Watsonville.

The same law firm that tried to con Monterey into believing that

“recent state and federal laws and regulations have preempted the city’s authority over permitting wireless communication facilities” is at it again in Watsonville.

Sadly, with small cell applications waiting for the new ordinance to be approved, the mayor, city attorney, and assistant city clerk have already signed onto the resolution to make the process a simple administrative permit.

By not showing up, the council created a problem:

  • There is an FCC deadline on these pending cell towers applications.
  • By letting the shot clock run out on applications deemed complete, these towers become approved.

Watsonville, please wake up. Your rights are in the process of being destroyed by your own city government.