It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

Those acquainted with the New York Yankees storied history in Major League Baseball will be familiar with Yogi Berra, a colorful catcher for the Yankees and a fountain of now-quite-famous “Yogi-isms“.

  • Baseball is 90 percent mental. The other half is physical.
  • He hits from both sides of the plate. He’s amphibious.
  • When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

One “Yogi-ism” that applies to the US Government’s scientific reporting of harms from RF Microwave radiation exposures is “It’s déjà vu all over again.”

The $64,000,000,000 question is: if 15,000 to 50,000 µW/m² of RF Microwave radiation exposure is sufficient to cause cardiac problems, neurological and psychological symptoms, altered blood cell counts, increased chromosome aberrations, and elevated cancer in children and adults, then why are US cities allowing 720,000 to 1,230,000 µW/m² of RF Microwave radiation exposure on sidewalks from 4G/5G so-called “Small Cell” cell phone towers installed in the public rights of way — 15–50 feet from our homes?

1978: Late Changes to Study of US Embassy Personnel in Moscow

1. Significant Cancer/Biological Effects Found, but Study’s Conclusions Contradict the Data

For 25 years, starting in 1953, the Soviets used RF Microwave radiation to covertly attack the staff or U. S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia. The ongoing irradiation campaign affected about 1,800 employees and 3,000 dependents housed at the embassy during this period. The Russians targeted the U.S. embassy with RF Microwave radiation weapons from 2400 to 4100 MegaHertz (MHz), frequencies with wavelengths around 3 to 5 inches that are very similar to the wavelengths and power levels saturating us today where we live, work, go to school, commute and play. The adverse health outcomes on U. S. Embassy personnel included cardiac problems, neurological damages, altered blood cell counts, increased chromosome aberrations, elevated cancer in children and adults, and illnesses increasing in a dose-response manner with cumulative time of exposure.

Dr. Paul Dart @ 5:35 in the Video

From 1953 to 1978, the Russians beamed RF Microwave Radiation into the US Embassy and researchers found that the US embassy personnel had a statistically significant increase in depression, irritability, concentration problems, memory loss, ear problems, skin problems, vascular problems and other health problems. The longer they worked there, the worse these problems were likely to be . . . the exposure levels inside the building were measured at between 20,000 and 240,000 µW/m².

Dr. Neil Cherry reported in 2000:

As with Robinette et al. (1980), the data presented in the Lilienfeld contract report is contrary to that stated in the report’s [altered] conclusions. These symptoms are associated with chronic exposure to very low-intensity pulsed microwaves . . . The fact that the State Department case officer, Dr Herbert Pollack, altered the conclusions, attests to the significance of this study, the results of which would be embarrassing to the U.S. Government, both in terms of compensation and in terms of the validity of the U.S. exposure standard.”

2. Change in leadership on the Study: Just-in-Time Conclusion Changes

Dr. Neil Cherry reported in 2000:

It is stated by both Hill (1965) and Goldsmith (1992) that elevated Odds and Risk Ratios are also relevant to the public health protection basis in epidemiology. Professor Goldsmith was closely associated with the staff affected by the chronic [RF Microwave radiation] exposures of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and obtained information through the US Freedom of Information Act. This included the blood test results and minutes of meetings which record the fact that the State Department case officer, Dr. Herbert Pollack, changed the conclusions of the final report compared with the draft report, to state that no effects could be associated with the [RF Microwave radiation] exposure, Goldsmith (1997). The data and Dr. Goldsmith show that this is not true.

The dominant cancers [for Embassy personnel] were brain tumor and leukemia and reproductive organ cancer. This study confirms that extremely low-level chronic microwave exposure is associated with very significant increases in illness and mortality in organs across the whole body, consistent with widespread cellular chromosome damage. Significantly elevated chromosome aberrations were measured, as well as significant alterations in white and red blood cell counts, Jacobson (1969), which would also be the expected result from reduced melatonin . . .

A highly remarkable result is the dose-response relationship for a range of illnesses. Despite the small numbers, the lack of long latency period and dilutionary factors, the Lilienfeld data show significant increases in:

  • Cardiac problems
  • Neurological and psychological symptoms
  • Altered blood cell counts
  • Increased chromosome aberrations, and
  • Elevated cancer in children and adults
  • Sickness increasing in a dose-response manner with years of residence.
According to Microwave News:

Dr. Abraham Lilienfeld of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, the study director, reported a relatively high proportion of cancer deaths among employees in his 1978 epidemiological study of Americans stationed at the U.S. embassy in Moscow.

R.C. Mallalieu of Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory describe the results of his attempt to reconstruct the radiation levels on the upper floors of the embassy. According to Mallalieu’s report (“A Model of the Micro- wave Intensity Distribution Within the US Embassy in Moscow, 1966 to 1977.” (No. FS-80-166, JHU-APL, August 1980), the most intense microwave exposures occurred between May 1975 and February 1976, with average levels of continuous wave radiation of 35,000 to 50,000 µW/m² and average peak intensities due to multiple reflections of 70,000 to 100,000 µW/m². The largest recorded power density was 240,000 µW/m².

From 1966 to 1975, the average signal strengths for those rooms with the greatest exposure was about 15,000 µW/m² with maximum levels of 40,000 µW/m²: though there were transient peaks of as high as 200,000 µW/m².

2018: Late Changes to the National Toxicology Program’s RF Microwave Radiation Carcinogenesis Study

by Microwave News, February 7, 2018; Original article here.

1. Same RF Cancer/Biological Effects Data, Different Outlook

Why was the NTP so ambivalent about its cell phone cancer findings at the press conference last Friday when two years ago the same scientific evidence prompted a public health warning?

Some of the pathology numbers got tweaked since they were first released in 2016, but the changes were minor. It’s the same data set — but with a very different interpretation. The NTP mindset somehow shifted from we need to release this important new health data now to this is “not a high-risk situation.”

Who or what moved the NTP managers to change their outlook? There’s no shortage of suspects and suspicions.

2. Change in leadership at the NTP: Just-in-Time Conclusion Changes

John Bucher, who ran the RF project and called for the 2016 early release is no longer the associate director. Brian Berridge has taken his place and now manages NTP’s day-to-day affairs. Berridge started on Janaury 12, 2018; he comes from SmithKlineGlaxo, a drug company with a capitalization of close to $100 billion. That’s Big Pharma and the corporate mindset that comes with it. Bucher is still at NTP, as a senior scientist, but he does not run the show like he did two years ago.

Linda Birnbaum, the director of both NIEHS and the NTP and Berridge’s boss, is already under fire from House Republicans for advocating the control of toxic chemicals. Last month, she was accused of lobbying for public health. (Sounds strange, but so does much of what goes on in Washington these days.) Birnbaum can only fight so many political battles at the same time. RF may be a bridge too far.

Francis Collins, the director of the NIH, is said to have no confidence in the RF study. He tried to stop the early release of the cancer data two years ago. Michael Lauer, a senior NIH manager who was a major critic of the NTP study back then, was believed to be speaking for Collins.

The head of the FDA center with oversight on cell phones dismissed the evidence of a cancer risk as “mostly equivocal or ambiguous.” Nothing would change, he said. Think of the FDA as NTP’s client: It nominated the animal study back in 1999 and now wants nothing more to do with it.

3. The Trump Administration ridicules scientific evidence that threatens big business

Whether the subject is

  • Global Warming,
  • Chemical Safety, or
  • RF Microwave radiation exposure protection

. . . bureaucrats are aware that they have to watch what they say if they want to keep their jobs. Just last week, a brigadier general was tossed off the National Security Council for suggesting that the coming 5G network be nationalized.

4. The military is in the mix

It’s an even bigger force in RF science than the Telecom companies. All modern weapon systems use RF radiation in one way or another. The U.S. Air Force and Navy are likely more worried about the NTP linking RF to cancer than anyone else. In 1984, the USAF’s Guy study showed that rats exposed to microwaves got cancer. It took eight years for those results to appear in a journal. By then, they were mostly forgotten.

Many outsiders want to discredit the NTP findings. A well-documented example is the rumor mill at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. When the brain cancer controversy began in the early 90’s, the major cell phone companies were Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson. Today, the major players are Apple, Google and Microsoft, the high-tech darlings of Wall Street. Each has a capitalization approaching a trillion dollars (at least before the stock market started to tank last week). They run a massive lobbying operation in Washington and keep a low profile on RF. It’s hard to know what they are saying and doing.

5. NIEHS has a long history of dropping the ball on EMFs and RF radiation

Years ago, long before cell phones, the late David Rall, the then director of NIEHS, predicted that microwaves would be the environmental challenge of the 21st century. He then immediately zeroed out the institute’s microwave research budget. (See our “Will NIEHS Ever ‘Get“ EMFs?” from 2010.)

Fittingly, the March 26-28 peer review of the NTP RF reports will be held in the David Rall building on the NIEHS campus.

For more from Microwave News on the NTP RF project, follow this link.

Conclusion: It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again!

So, once again, the $64,000,000,000 question is: if 15,000 to 50,000 µW/m² of RF Microwave radiation exposure is sufficient to cause cardiac problems, neurological and psychological symptoms, altered blood cell counts, increased chromosome aberrations, and elevated cancer in children and adults, then why are US cities allowing 720,000 to 1,230,000 µW/m² of RF Microwave radiation exposure on their sidewalks from 4G/5G so-called “Small Cell” cell phone towers installed in the public rights of way — 15–50 feet from our homes?