Nasa Engineer’s Letter to the Editor

Read Nasa Engineer Peter Harvey’s 12/4/17 Letter to the Piedmont Post Editor

Dear Editor:

In last week’s letters to the editor, a letter entitled “A Calming Note” made erroneous claims about the dangers of RF Microwave radiation. In the note, the author says non-ionizing radiation cannot cause DNA damage and that we should trust the FCC to determine the health effects of RF Microwave radiation. He cites no research to back up his claims, and quotes the current World Health Organization erroneously.

In reality, since May, 2011, the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified RF Microwave radiation as a Group 2B carcinogen. In addition, the results from the May, 2016 National Toxicology program’s $25 million, 16-year animal study of Carcinogenesis of Cell Phone Radiation concluded statistically significant increases in brain cancer, heart cancer, pre-tumors and DNA damage in test animals vs. control animals.

These results mean that RF Microwave radiation is a known toxic agent. Importantly, the NTP study showed a dose-response relationship between this toxic agent, RF Microwave radiation, and these adverse biological effects. Further, these effects occurred at exposure levels that were not high enough to heat the animals’ tissue to any measurable degree. The NTP study shows that biological hazards from RF Microwave radiation exposures occur at levels far below that which would cause tissue heating and far below current FCC RF Microwave radiation exposure guidelines.

This NTP evidence is sufficient to change the IARC’s classification of RF Microwave radiation from a Group 2B carcinogen to a Group 1 carcinogen, the highest category, according Dr. Lennart Hardell, one of the 31 international scientists on that May, 2011 IARC Committee and an expert in the field, who published another study in November, 2017, “Measurements of Radiofrequency Radiation with a Body-Borne Exposimeter in Swedish Schools with Wi-Fi”. DNA single and multiple strand breaks have been shown and replicated in multiple studies, including most recently in this NTP study. These studies show that DNA breaks scaled with both the level and the duration of the exposure.

The Office of Naval Medical Research report, published in June 1971 (Glaser), showed chromosome breaks and changes in the chromosome structure, as well as a histological changes in testes.

Piedmont parents should be aware that there are many thousands of peer-reviewed scientific papers demonstrating the adverse health effects of non-ionizing radiation, even at levels tens of thousands of times lower than the current FCC RF MW Exposure guidelines. These FCC guidelines are commercial/procedural guidelines and have never been health and safety guidelines.

Some of these papers go back more than 50 years. It is NOT a new subject and anyone with an advanced degree should be aware of them. In 2015, 225 independent scientists from 41 countries, authors of more than 2,000 scientific papers on RF Microwave radiation biological effects, alerted the World Health Organization that current FCC and ICNIRP RF Microwave Radiation exposure guidelines are inadequate and not protective of public health.

I encourage Piedmont parents to educate themselves. Their kids are the ones most at risk. Please don’t swallow the “its safe” garbage from the Wireless industry sales people. Read from independent media and science outlets or read the technical reports themselves.

There’s a long-running website “Microwave news” has a good summary of the history of DNA breaks:

Science Magazine also has a very readable summary of the National Toxicology Program results about brain and heart cancers as well as DNA breakage:

Sadly, the FCC is now filled with ex-Telecom industry people who will stop at nothing to take over our lampposts to profit from the over-hyped “5G.” Their estimate is 50,000 so-called “Small Cell” cell towers in California, 60 more in Piedmont, each putting out almost 7,000 Watts of Effective Radiated Power. The Telecoms say “don’t worry, its safe.”

And they are counting on you to be silent.

For the record, I’ve published 35 scientific papers which have been cited more than 2,850 times in other science publications. I have worked with three Nobel Laureates. My subject has been measuring Electric and Magnetic Fields.

Peter Harvey

Peter R. Harvey has been a member of the University of California Berkeley Physics department, Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL), for more than four decades. He holds a MS degree in computer science from UC. He has developed more than 30 NASA space instruments and six spacecraft which communicate via microwave to the SSL-developed 10-meter S-band Berkeley Ground Station. He has published more than 34 scientific papers which have been cited in other scientific publications more than 2,900 times. He is currently supporting NASA’s Parker Solar Probe spacecraft as it goes through pre-launch testing.