Broadband Fail: One of Many

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel Promised on 10/25/17:

I set up this account [] to take in the public’s stories and ideas. And I will share everything that comes in with the Chairman and with my colleagues, because I think it’s time to turn every one of those ‘broadband fails’ into something better – broadband success.

Folks, Take Advantage of this offer today. Let’s hold Commissioner Rosenworcel to her promise. The next FCC vote is on 12/14/17 See what others have already written here, here and here.

A grieving mother emailed Jessica Rosenworcel at: on 11/25/17:

November 25, 2017

Dear FCC Commissioners,

Raise your hand if your child has died before you. Hug your child if he or she is healthy. I write today to share that the choices you make about the environment we call home are far reaching, and that our precious homes must be protected.

Radiofrequency microwave radiation has never been proven safe for anyone, let alone children. Ever. And the FCC wants to break down local barriers to deploy more of it?

RF/MW radiation has been implicated by tens of thousands of peer-reviewed studies as causing biological harms including arrhythmia of the heart, blood problems, neurological problems, sleeplessness, nosebleeds, nausea, DNA damage and cancer.

My daughter died before her second birthday from leukemia. How does this happen? As part of a university study, I learned that time in front of a WiFi-enabled computer while pregnant is a variable.

My daughter’s death leaves my heart in the smallest of pieces. What was the happiest time in my life turned into tragedy the likes of which I couldn’t even imagine. Watching my husband carry her down the service elevator at the hospital to the funeral director’s car, parked back by the dumpster, for a last goodbye, is an image that will haunt me forever. Driving to the funeral parlor for several nights in a row to be with her dead body, while families were enjoying bedtime stories and playing games, is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. A child’s death will wreck you.

Please protect us from this invisible and very pervasive RF/MW radiation. Please institute setback laws that protect our children — in our homes and in their schools. You may think you are on the precipice of a technological heyday. Instead, you may be paving the way to a long, steady, massive health catastrophe.

Follow other countries who revere their young; they have stripped RF/MW radiation from Wi-Fi from their schools and libraries, and are going back to wired connections. I beg you to protect children and set RF/MW radiation exposure guidelines based on total exposure over time instead of relying on the false premise that humans can tolerate a prescribed rate of RF/MW radiation exposure for unlimited periods of time.

For my deceased daughter, for me, for my husband and her brother, think twice before irradiating millions of people because a bunch of telecom titans have sold you a promise that will harm the innocent.

Even if it kills just one, believe me, that’s one too many.