Sign The Petition Against SB.649

Over 1,725 Californians have signed this petition using their last names:

We oppose SB 649. Stop the gross expansion of cell towers and antennas on most every street in California, and stop corporate interests from overriding local governance and taking away citizen rights and legal recourse.

Petition Background

Will you join me, the Mayor of San Jose and 216 Cities in California in opposing SB 649?

If you don’t want cell phone antennas right outside your bedroom window, take action now!

SB.649 has cleared the California Senate and may be approved by the California Assembly in less than 2 weeks. We must act NOW to stop this attack on our rights, privacy and health!

Most utility/light poles, street lights, public signs and other public “street furniture” will become cell towers under Senate Bill 649 and result in 4G/5G antennas lining every block leaving the public with no legal recourse for opposing “micro-wireless”, “small cells”, or even “macro towers.”

We Don’t Want Cell Towers in Our Yards

While fire stations are exempt from antennas, the rest of us are not protected from the proven hazards from the 24/7 pulsed, data-modulated microwave radiation from these so-called “small cell” antennas. Humans, animals and the ecosystem are being jeopardized with SB. 649. The State of California is recklessly attempting to streamline 5G deployment before doing the required due diligence for safety and economic impact. Real estate values will significantly decline near these 4G/5G antennas.

Federal Microwave radiation exposure guidelines have not been updated since the 1990s. These guidelines are only commercial guidelines, they are not safety guidelines and the do not protect living organisms from certain harm. The guidelines were written by Wireless industry lobbyists and they lack inadequate policing or compliance testing for microwave emissions from cell towers.

SB.649 shifts billions of dollars of liability from the telecommunication industry to the State of California, with the potential of bankrupting the state and requiring bailout from the tax payers. The bill would place two-way microwave transmitters every five houses, leaving your family vulnerable to privacy and security hazards. The bill does not address at all that the Telecomm Companies, AT&T, Verizon and Frontier, still have not fulfilled a prior public contract to upgrade the copper wire legacy wireline phone lines to high-speed fiber-optic lines for which we all already paid through our phone bills.

Name City Date
Nori M. Hudson Abany, CA 17-Aug-17
Ann Walker Alameda, CA 11-Aug-17
Randall Hughes Alameda, CA 21-Aug-17
Vitkoria Brown Alameda, CA 27-Aug-17
Mary McFarland Alameda, CA 8-Sep-17
Caroline Yunker Albany, CA 12-Aug-17
Sara Sunstein Albany, CA 14-Aug-17
Jane Levy Albany, CA 18-Aug-17
Ann Edelman Korchin Albany, CA 18-Aug-17
Barry Kamil Albany, CA 22-Aug-17
Jill Lodwig ALbany, CA 22-Aug-17
Suzan Snider Albany, CA 22-Aug-17
Regina Pettus Albany, CA 22-Aug-17
Ann Duncan Albany, CA 23-Aug-17
Yi-Shan Chen Albany, CA 23-Aug-17
Elisa Isaacson Albany, CA 23-Aug-17
Eric Bergman Albany, CA 24-Aug-17
Lisa Guan Albany, CA 5-Sep-17
Cynthia Greenleaf Albany, CA 5-Sep-17
Clarymond Hardt Altadena, CA 11-Aug-17
Manuel B. Pasco American Canyon, CA 16-Aug-17
Hollie Simmons Anaheim, CA 12-Aug-17
Peter Morrey Anaheim, CA 12-Aug-17
Nancy Keeler Anaheim, CA 14-Aug-17
Vanessa Herrera Anaheim, CA 15-Aug-17
Tahni Holmes Anaheim, CA 24-Aug-17
Darren Swift Anaheim, CA 30-Aug-17
Kristie Luna Anaheim, CA 2-Sep-17
Sheila Barnes Anderson, CA 6-Sep-17
Michelle Tryner Antioch, CA 14-Aug-17
Robyn King Antioch, CA 18-Aug-17
Justin Glessner Applegate, CA 15-Aug-17
Andrea Berrin Aptos, CA 2-Sep-17
Carrie Voyce Arcata, CA 15-Aug-17
Tammy Rae Scott Arcata, CA 16-Aug-17
Melissa Moore Arcata, CA 17-Aug-17
Judy Bettencourt Arnold, CA 17-Aug-17
larry robinson Arroyo Grande, CA 13-Aug-17
Sara Semmes Atascadero, CA 17-Aug-17
Linda Ikeda Atascadero, CA 7-Sep-17
Linda Mikel Atascadero, CA 7-Sep-17
Audra Resor Atascadero, CA 15-Sep-17
Susan Shin Atherton, CA 12-Aug-17
Gita Gupta Atherton, CA 16-Sep-17
Lisa Menconi Auburn, CA 13-Aug-17
Sarah Rule Auburn, CA 14-Aug-17
James Bowen Jr Auburn, CA 14-Aug-17
Kathryn Gesto Auburn, CA 14-Aug-17
Cody Taylor Auburn, CA 14-Aug-17
Cathlyn Elizabeth Griggs Auburn, CA 15-Aug-17
Brent Geeve Auburn, CA 15-Aug-17
RebecCA Kennedy-Smith Auburn, CA 15-Aug-17
Kathleen Clifford Auburn, CA 15-Aug-17
Janel Macdougall Auburn, CA 16-Aug-17
Karen Wallace Auburn, CA 17-Aug-17
Doug Clifford Auburn, CA 17-Aug-17
Jan Cantwell Auburn, CA 17-Aug-17
Elisa junco Auburn, CA 18-Aug-17
Della Martinez Auburn, CA 19-Aug-17
Roger Brenneise Auburn, CA 22-Aug-17
Marissa MacDonald Auburn, CA 1-Sep-17
Isabella Luv Avalon, CA 3-Sep-17
Marlene P. Donahue Bakersfield, CA 4-Sep-17
Deborah Allen Bakersfield, CA 10-Sep-17
Melissa Foster Bella Vista, CA 14-Aug-17
Annamarie Miller Bella Vista, CA 15-Aug-17
Stephanie Velasquez Bellflower, CA 5-Sep-17
Suzanne Elizabeth Belvedere, CA 5-Sep-17
Craig and Nancy Phillips Ben Lomond, CA 10-Aug-17
Rebecca Cardenas Ben Lomond, CA 12-Aug-17
Wendee Villanueva Benicia, CA 13-Aug-17
Forest Frasieur Benicia, CA 27-Aug-17
Cynthia Rahav berkeley, CA 11-Aug-17
Soula Culver Berkeley, CA 11-Aug-17
Ellen Zucker Berkeley, CA 12-Aug-17
Carol Wolfley Berkeley, CA 13-Aug-17
Cynthia Li Berkeley, CA 14-Aug-17
William Lloyd Berkeley, CA 15-Aug-17
Kim Allen Berkeley, CA 17-Aug-17
Adam Hochschild Berkeley, CA 17-Aug-17
Timothy Li Berkeley, CA 17-Aug-17
Benita Smith Berkeley, CA 18-Aug-17
Wendy Tico Berkeley, CA 19-Aug-17
Ann Li Berkeley, CA 19-Aug-17
Marilla Arguelles Berkeley, CA 21-Aug-17
Arlie Hochschild Berkeley, CA 21-Aug-17
Yuko Fukami Berkeley, CA 21-Aug-17
Esther Lerman Berkeley, CA 22-Aug-17
Rachel ONeal Berkeley, CA 22-Aug-17
Gail Krowech Berkeley, CA 22-Aug-17
Sonia Mistry Berkeley, CA 22-Aug-17
Dorothea Dorenz Berkeley, CA 22-Aug-17
Mark Leong Berkeley, CA 22-Aug-17
Helen Cameron Berkeley, CA 22-Aug-17
Helen Cameron Berkeley, CA 23-Aug-17
Wendy Oser Berkeley, CA 25-Aug-17
June Kori Kody Berkeley, CA 25-Aug-17
Kate Henke Berkeley, CA 27-Aug-17
Christine Fasano Berkeley, CA 27-Aug-17
Nancy Bailey Berkeley, CA 28-Aug-17
Sandra Nixon Berkeley, CA 30-Aug-17
Dan Lee Berkeley, CA 30-Aug-17
Lea Delson Berkeley, CA 1-Sep-17
Stephanie Thomas Berkeley, CA 4-Sep-17
Ann McChesney-Young Berkeley, CA 5-Sep-17
Summer Brenner Berkeley, CA 5-Sep-17
Mari Loria Berkeley, CA 5-Sep-17
George Lakoff Berkeley, CA 5-Sep-17
Mary Ellen Sperling Berkeley, CA 5-Sep-17
Jennifer Bills Berkeley, CA 10-Sep-17
Elizabeth Rose Berkeley, CA 10-Sep-17
Ruth Morgan Berkely, CA 5-Sep-17
Samuel Plunkett Beverly Hills, CA 13-Aug-17
Lauren Steiner Beverly Hills, CA 29-Aug-17
Nikki Martin Bodega Bay, CA 16-Aug-17
Martine Algier Bolinas, CA 15-Aug-17
Barrie Stebbings Bolinas, CA 15-Aug-17
Meg Simonds Bolinas, CA 16-Aug-17
Tina Ann Bolinas, CA 17-Aug-17
Laurie Bauer Bolinas, CA 22-Aug-17
Mary Beth Brangan Bolinas, CA 29-Aug-17
Elizabeth Bhola Bonsall, CA 28-Aug-17
Ann Thryft Boulder Creek, CA 11-Aug-17
Marivee Frayer Boulder Creek, CA 11-Aug-17
Katherine Roach Boulder Creek, CA 13-Aug-17
Casey Maupin Brentwood, CA 13-Aug-17
Analuz Scott Brentwood, CA 14-Aug-17
Rainbow Lamunyon Brentwood, CA 15-Aug-17
Melinda wiens Brentwood, CA 21-Aug-17
Pamela Koppel Burbank, CA 23-Aug-17
Kiku Iwata Burbank, CA 25-Aug-17
Penny Panos Burbank, CA 15-Sep-17
Maggie Muradian Burbank, CA 15-Sep-17
Franco Di Venere Burbank, CA 16-Sep-17
Karen Taksa Calabasas, CA 16-Aug-17
Michael Adler Calabasas, CA 17-Aug-17
John Dunlap Calimesa, CA 13-Aug-17
Lydia Kohler Calistoga, CA 8-Sep-17
Nikki Dallas Camarillo, CA 14-Aug-17
Mary Webb Cambria, CA 29-Aug-17
Gwynne Beatty Cambria, CA 4-Sep-17
Richard Siler Cambria, CA 4-Sep-17
Pam Mathers Camino, CA 12-Aug-17
Cass Bell CAmino, CA 14-Aug-17
Debbie Winterson Camino, CA 4-Sep-17
Kelly Gray Camp Meeker, CA 15-Aug-17
Kathy Cress Campbell, CA 15-Aug-17
Keith Webber Campbell, CA 17-Aug-17
Brenda Make Campbell, CA 22-Aug-17
Laura Galvan Campbell, CA 5-Sep-17
Teri Brudnak Capistrano Beach, CA 31-Aug-17
Eileen Hastings Capitola, CA 13-Sep-17
Danielle Murphy Cardiff, CA 28-Aug-17
Tara Henos Cardiff, CA 28-Aug-17
Daniel Murphy Cardiff, CA 30-Aug-17
Kathleen DeMill Carlsbad, CA 13-Aug-17
Lori Unitt Carlsbad, CA 28-Aug-17
Julie Pynes Carlsbad, CA 28-Aug-17
Ellen Pederson Carlsbad, CA 29-Aug-17
MP Kajitani Carlsbad, CA 29-Aug-17
Susan Wight Carlsbad, CA 29-Aug-17
MC Hagerty Carlsbad, CA 29-Aug-17
Bianca Gorman Carlsbad, CA 1-Sep-17
Carlton Keppelman Carmel, CA 5-Sep-17
Kathryn Varanelli Carmichael, CA 13-Aug-17
Olivia Huff Carmichael, CA 14-Aug-17
Lisa Nelson Gemmell Carmichael, CA 14-Aug-17
Karen Gierlach Carmichael, CA 14-Aug-17
Paul Gierlach Carmichael, CA 14-Aug-17
Shani Young Carmichael, CA 14-Aug-17
Holly Juch Carmichael, CA 16-Aug-17
Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl Carmichael, CA 18-Aug-17
Tess Pender Carmichael, CA 27-Aug-17
Chris Peery Carmichael, CA 30-Aug-17
Warren Beam Carmichael, CA 1-Sep-17
Danielle Spittler Carnelian Bay, CA 14-Aug-17
John Graf Carson, CA 13-Aug-17
Josephine Graf Carson, CA 26-Aug-17
Ginger Denos Castaic, CA 15-Aug-17
Pat Blackwell-Marchant Castro Valley, CA 11-Aug-17
Richard Wolf Castro Valley, CA 13-Aug-17
Susan Anderson Castro Valley, CA 20-Aug-17
Limin Tseng Castro Valley, CA 17-Sep-17
Carol Lang Cathedral City, CA 31-Aug-17
Andrea Georgiou Catherdral City, CA 31-Aug-17
Jeffry Fawcett Cazadero, CA 11-Aug-17
WandaSwenson Cazadero, CA 11-Aug-17
Jim Finn Cazadero, CA 12-Aug-17
Jon Anderholm Cazadero, CA 1-Sep-17
Glen Armintrout Cedar Ridge, CA 29-Aug-17
Amy Avil Ceres, CA 14-Aug-17
Jessica Hailey Ceres, CA 31-Aug-17
Michele Brown Chicago Park, CA 12-Aug-17
Lauren P. Ayers Chico, CA 15-Aug-17
Marla Crites Chico, CA 29-Aug-17
Nina Widlund Chico, CA 4-Sep-17
Jennifer Ferrini Chico, CA 6-Sep-17
Mona Martine Chico, CA 6-Sep-17
Varda Charnin Chico, CA 9-Sep-17
Hannah Cunnings Chowchilla, CA 14-Aug-17
Vanessa Jacoby Chula Vista, CA 27-Aug-17
James LeSire Chula Vista, CA 29-Aug-17
Miguel Gabriel Vazquez Chula Vista, CA 3-Sep-17
Julie Malmberg Citrus Heights, CA 14-Aug-17
Nelya Tiukaenko Citrus Heights, CA 14-Aug-17
Sarah Lashchuk Citrus Heights, CA 15-Aug-17
Larisa Kostyuk Citrus Heights, CA 21-Aug-17
Jeanette Blakesley Citrus Heights, CA 5-Sep-17
Victoria Thompson Citrus Heights, CA 6-Sep-17
Leslie Sheridan Clearlake, CA 21-Aug-17
Virginia Greenwald Cloverdale, CA 10-Aug-17
Louise Young Cloverdale, CA 19-Aug-17
Mary Dersham Cloverdale, CA 3-Sep-17
Hokulealani Bovee Cloverdale, CA 4-Sep-17
Crissy Corpus Clovis, CA 13-Aug-17
Denise Ruiz Clovis, CA 14-Aug-17
Cheryl Risch Clovis, CA 28-Aug-17
Renee A Worden Clovis, CA 28-Aug-17
josh risch Clovis, CA 29-Aug-17
Linda Torgrimson Coarsegold, CA 13-Aug-17
Constance Peterson Coarsegold, CA 14-Aug-17
Paula Glick Coarsegold, CA 14-Aug-17
Beckie Takacs Coarsegold, CA 31-Aug-17
George T. Seeley Colfax, CA 14-Aug-17
Joel Gutierrez Colfax, CA 16-Aug-17
Ady Olvera Concord, CA 10-Aug-17
Nancy Pratt Concord, CA 11-Aug-17
Robert L. Moisoff Concord, CA 18-Aug-17
Amanda J. Mitchell Concord, CA 5-Sep-17
Chari Cole Concord, CA 6-Sep-17
Carrie Ganek Corona Del Mar, CA 18-Aug-17
Ruth Sare Corona, CA 13-Aug-17
Judith Ogunyoku Corona, CA 17-Aug-17
Mark Younglove Corona, CA 17-Aug-17
Martin Narveson Corona, CA 25-Aug-17
Grace Severtson Corte Madera, CA 22-Aug-17
Donna DEufemia Corte Madera, CA 22-Aug-17
Rob States Corte Madera, CA 4-Sep-17
Sonia Parisi Costa Mesa, CA 14-Aug-17
Teale Thompson Cotati, CA 29-Aug-17
Jennifer Fialk Cotati, CA 30-Aug-17
Toni Covert Cottonwood, CA 15-Aug-17
Sherry Park Crescent City, CA 20-Sep-17
Dax Albrecht Crescent Mills, CA 13-Aug-17
Julie Ming Cupertino, CA 15-Aug-17
Linda Courcy Cupertino, CA 25-Aug-17
Esther Le Sieur Daly City, CA 15-Sep-17
Patricia Avila Daly City, CA 21-Sep-17
Jodi Hinkelman Dana Point, CA 27-Aug-17
Karen Beck Danville, CA 12-Aug-17
Erin Massengale Danville, CA 27-Aug-17
Linda Bellmer Davis, CA 11-Aug-17
Johanna Lusebrink Davis, CA 12-Aug-17
Joel Bremson Davis, CA 14-Aug-17
Allyson Frye-Henderson Del Mar, CA 16-Aug-17
David Shannahoff-Khalsa Del Mar, CA 18-Aug-17
Lily Turner Del Mar, CA 22-Aug-17
Evonne Mitchell Diamond Bar, CA 14-Aug-17
Teresa Lamunyon Discovery Bay, CA 14-Aug-17
Gina Alaniz Discovery Bay, CA 15-Aug-17
Carol Warren Dixon, CA 11-Aug-17
Kara Bell Dove Canyon, CA 5-Sep-17
Lili rodroguez Downey, CA 31-Aug-17
Robert Banever Duarte, CA 14-Aug-17
Kenneth Lowndes Duarte, CA 14-Aug-17
Julie Butler Durham, CA 7-Sep-17
Fernando Castillo East Los Angeles, CA 3-Sep-17
Nancy Leech East Palo Alto, CA 11-Aug-17
Keisha Evans East Palo Alto, CA 11-Aug-17
Evelia Cruz East Palo Alto, CA 13-Aug-17
Yecenia Rodriguez Eastvale, CA 8-Sep-17
Nicole Edh, CA 16-Aug-17
John Kellogg El Cajon, CA 13-Aug-17
Gary Pagel El CAjon, CA 15-Aug-17
Cheryl Standlee El Cajon, CA 27-Aug-17
Jolie Hensel El Cajon, CA 3-Sep-17
Belia Hensel El Cajon, CA 4-Sep-17
Cynthia Rivera El Centro, CA 14-Aug-17
Judith Gottesman El Cerrito, CA 15-Aug-17
Lisa Min El Cerrito, CA 19-Aug-17
Paul Schneider El Cerrito, CA 23-Aug-17
Anna Mahony El Cerrito, CA 27-Aug-17
Roberta Shaw El Cerrito, CA 30-Aug-17
Sandra Portillo-Robins El Cerrito, CA 30-Aug-17
Marisa Singer El Cerrito, CA 5-Sep-17
Dr. Frederick Shaw El Cerrito,, CA 30-Aug-17
Celina Templeton El Dorado Hills, CA 14-Aug-17
Leslie Borasi El Dorado Hills, CA 17-Aug-17
Cori Lee El Dorado Hills, CA 30-Aug-17
Michele Seville El Sobrante, CA 11-Aug-17
Nita Stull El Sobrante, CA 17-Aug-17
Otto Tebrock Elk Grove, CA 13-Aug-17
Leila August Elk Grove, CA 13-Aug-17
Genelle Thompson Elk Grove, CA 14-Aug-17
Sherryl Smith Elk Grove, CA 15-Aug-17
FrancesCA Johnson Elk Grove, CA 16-Aug-17
Mark Graham Elk Grove, CA 16-Aug-17
Deana Duarte Elk Grove, CA 8-Sep-17
Aika Eden Elk Grove, CA 16-Sep-17
Perkins Lynn Emeryville, CA 31-Aug-17
Judith McKinnon Emeryville, CA 18-Sep-17
Derek Fullerton Encinitas, CA 14-Aug-17
Florence Brown Encinitas, CA 18-Aug-17
Cassandra Pierson Encino, CA 13-Aug-17
Janet L. Portaro Encino, CA 25-Aug-17
Patricia Borchmann Escondido, CA 11-Aug-17
Lois Daub Escondido, CA 18-Aug-17
Leila Eureka, CA 31-Aug-17
Barbara Ames Fair Oaks, CA 12-Aug-17
Amy Myrrh Fair Oaks, CA 12-Aug-17
Devon Miller Fair Oaks, CA 12-Aug-17
Anna Durling Fair Oaks, CA 13-Aug-17
Katie Day Fair Oaks, CA 13-Aug-17
MaryKelly Sutton MD Fair Oaks, CA 13-Aug-17
Sayo Iseri Fair Oaks, CA 14-Aug-17
Anne Riegel-Koetzsch Fair Oaks, CA 14-Aug-17
Helen Lubin Fair Oaks, CA 14-Aug-17
Lauren Hickman Fair Oaks, CA 14-Aug-17
Brian Gray Fair Oaks, CA 15-Aug-17
Cynthia Hoven Fair Oaks, CA 15-Aug-17
Harald Hoven Fair Oaks, CA 15-Aug-17
Jeannine Mcelroy Fair Oaks, CA 15-Aug-17
Jennifer Gannon Fair Oaks, CA 16-Aug-17
Eowyn McMannis Fair Oaks, CA 26-Aug-17
Deborah Brown Fair Oaks, CA 31-Aug-17
Glenn Hausler Fair Oaks, CA 4-Sep-17
Beverly Odom Fair Oaks, CA 5-Sep-17
Ginas Pauley Fair Oaks, CA 15-Sep-17
Michael Avenna Fair Oaks, CA 16-Sep-17
Jeanne DePrince Fair Oaks, CA 22-Sep-17
Angela Pollock Fairfax, CA 13-Aug-17
Michelle Perro Fairfax, CA 15-Aug-17
Frank Egger Fairfax, CA 20-Aug-17
Teri Meadows Fairfax, CA 20-Aug-17
Jessica Lerner Fairfax, CA 21-Aug-17
David Firshein Fairfax, CA 22-Aug-17
Elizabeth Greason Fairfax, CA 22-Aug-17
Pamela Minton Fairfax, CA 22-Aug-17
Fritzi Schnel Fairfax, CA 23-Aug-17
Miriam Weinstein Fairfax, CA 28-Aug-17
Marilena Silbey Fairfax, CA 30-Aug-17
Leo Bruenn Fairfax, CA 5-Sep-17
Richard Harcourt Fairfield, CA 15-Aug-17
Valerie D Gilbert Fairfield, CA 27-Aug-17
Rosalyn Parhams Fairfield, CA 4-Sep-17
Scott Nunan Fallbrook, CA 23-Aug-17
Susan Raineri Felton, CA 12-Aug-17
Robin Brune Felton, CA 29-Aug-17
Deborah Raley Felton, CA 3-Sep-17
B Clements Felton, CA 13-Sep-17
Catharine Page-Lekas Ferndale, CA 20-Aug-17
Melissa Christopher Folsom, CA 13-Aug-17
Jill Swan Folsom, CA 14-Aug-17
C Sutherland Folsom, CA 14-Aug-17
G’Anna Burke Folsom, CA 17-Aug-17
Jennifer DeLugach Folsom, CA 5-Sep-17
Stephanie Fontana, CA 15-Aug-17
Rochelle T Fontana, CA 3-Sep-17
Richard Gray Forest Knolls, CA 15-Aug-17
David Desante Forest Knolls, CA 17-Aug-17
Carleen Klingbeil Foresthill, CA 1-Sep-17
Jonathan Klingbeil Foresthill, CA 1-Sep-17
NIchole Warwick Forestville, CA 10-Aug-17
John Knutson Forestville, CA 27-Aug-17
Mary Rose Kaczorowski Fort Bragg, CA 29-Aug-17
Doreen Murphy Fort Jones, CA 4-Sep-17
Karen Nelson Fountain Valley, CA 12-Aug-17
Bob Sahni Fremont, CA 11-Aug-17
Nicole Fountain Fremont, CA 12-Aug-17
Nancy Dodd Fremont, CA 12-Aug-17
Michael Mitsuda Fremont, CA 12-Aug-17
Christopher Ware Fremont, CA 12-Aug-17
Cory Andis Fremont, CA 14-Aug-17
CArol Sharifi Fremont, CA 16-Aug-17
Hiral Jhaveri Fremont, CA 17-Aug-17
Maria Jimenez Fremont, CA 22-Aug-17
Joanna Mack Fremont, CA 23-Aug-17
Christopher Gianopoulos Fremont, CA 27-Aug-17
Penelope Sullivan French Corral, CA 14-Aug-17
June Carnahan Fresni, CA 12-Aug-17
Jackie wong Fresno, CA 12-Aug-17
Brittany Swanson Fresno, CA 15-Aug-17
Jenelle Galloway Fresno, CA 15-Aug-17
Monique Bue Solomon Fresno, CA 28-Aug-17
Cindy Clay Friant, CA 14-Aug-17
Kristen Fogarty Garden Grove, CA 19-Aug-17
Cindy Clark Garden Grove, CA 5-Sep-17
Angie Rice Garden Grove, CA 5-Sep-17
Kathy Kraintz Gilroy, CA 12-Aug-17
Joan Stubbles Gilroy, CA 6-Sep-17
Tracy Landecker Glendale, CA 30-Aug-17
Giorgio Umali Glendale, CA 2-Sep-17
David Muradian Glendale, CA 15-Sep-17
Alison Chin Glendora, CA 2-Sep-17
Laurie Staszak Gold River, CA 11-Aug-17
Michelle CAmpbell Gold River, CA 14-Aug-17
Margaret Hudson Gold River, CA 16-Aug-17
Leonard Worden, Ph.D. Gold River, CA 29-Aug-17
Melissa De Soto Goleta, CA 17-Sep-17
Ruth Martinez-Infante Goleta, CA 19-Sep-17
Jaime Barretta Granite Bay, CA 14-Aug-17
Janine Bowen Granite Bay, CA 14-Aug-17
Kierra Blaser Granite Bay, CA 16-Aug-17
Michael Blaser Granite Bay, CA 17-Aug-17
Monica Hodge Granite Bay, CA 19-Aug-17
Vance Goss Grass Valley, CA 11-Aug-17
Carol Fulkerson Grass Valley, CA 11-Aug-17
Caroline Courtright Grass Valley, CA 12-Aug-17
Penny Singleton Grass Valley, CA 12-Aug-17
Jerianne Van Dijk Grass Valley, CA 12-Aug-17
Dawna Johnson Grass Valley, CA 12-Aug-17
Pamela Hall Grass Valley, CA 12-Aug-17
Emily Carr Grass Valley, CA 12-Aug-17
Zach Bruce Grass Valley, CA 12-Aug-17
Itara O’Connell Grass Valley, CA 12-Aug-17
Barbara Schaefer Grass Valley, CA 12-Aug-17
John Berdner Grass Valley, CA 12-Aug-17
katalina damato Grass Valley, CA 12-Aug-17
Sue Habegger Grass Valley, CA 13-Aug-17
Barbara Rivenes Grass Valley, CA 13-Aug-17
Michele Howden Grass Valley, CA 13-Aug-17
Carola May Grass Valley, CA 13-Aug-17
Heather Rae Grass Valley, CA 14-Aug-17
Angela Van Valkenburg Grass Valley, CA 14-Aug-17
Anita Wald-Tuttle Grass Valley, CA 14-Aug-17
Bill Wright Grass Valley, CA 14-Aug-17
Denise Wey Grass Valley, CA 15-Aug-17
Kaori Stuessy Grass Valley, CA 15-Aug-17
Scott Merritt Grass Valley, CA 15-Aug-17
Pamela T Whitman Grass Valley, CA 15-Aug-17
W Peter Clark Grass Valley, CA 16-Aug-17
Greg Poppin Grass Valley, CA 16-Aug-17
Michael Rice Grass Valley, CA 16-Aug-17
Karen Donaldson Grass Valley, CA 23-Aug-17
Mark Toelkes Grass Valley, CA 30-Aug-17
Greg Poppin Grass Valley, CA 4-Sep-17
Amanda Green Grass Valley, CA 4-Sep-17
James Williams Grass Valley, CA 5-Sep-17
Natina pistone Grass Valley, CA 5-Sep-17
Janet Clinger Grass Valley, CA 5-Sep-17
Georgia Dow Grass Valley, CA 8-Sep-17
Deanna Bratt Grass Valley, CA 11-Sep-17
Doreen Domb Grass Valley, CA 20-Sep-17
Terri Hickok Grass Vallley, CA 4-Sep-17
Tiffany Thurmond Greenbrae, CA 12-Aug-17
Bobby Moske Greenbrae, CA 26-Aug-17
Margot Bourget Grover Beach, CA 7-Sep-17
Yasmin Solomon Gualala, CA 5-Sep-17
Donna Watson Guerneville, CA 2-Sep-17
Kyla Rianda Gustine, CA 21-Aug-17
Barbara J Clarke Hacienda Heights, CA 26-Aug-17
Judith Anzaldo Hanford, CA 3-Sep-17
Howard Kugel Harborcity, CA 15-Aug-17
Ronald Calley Hawthorne, CA 13-Aug-17
Frank Burton Hayward, CA 11-Aug-17
Karen Rosa Hayward, CA 22-Aug-17
Moshe Shafrir Healdsburg, CA 22-Aug-17
Don Howard Lovell Hemet, CA 13-Aug-17
Nancy Michelli Hercules, CA 14-Aug-17
Lisa Garcia Hercules, CA 14-Aug-17
Leann Laurich Hesperia, CA 21-Aug-17
Kevin Klein Hesperia, CA 8-Sep-17
Melodie Rubin Hillsborough, CA 24-Aug-17
Melissa Hessekiel Hillsborough, CA 24-Aug-17
Barrie mengarelli Hillsborough, CA 24-Aug-17
Mike mengarelli Hillsborough, CA 24-Aug-17
Sheri Bernstein Hillsborough, CA 1-Sep-17
Robert Labatt Hillsborough, CA 1-Sep-17
Maggie Garcia Hughson, CA 14-Aug-17
Amy Ellsworth Huntington Beach, CA 12-Aug-17
Brett Jacques Huntington Beach, CA 14-Aug-17
Andrea Kowal Huntington Beach, CA 14-Aug-17
David Robinson Huntington Beach, CA 15-Aug-17
Yuko McCarthy Huntington Beach, CA 20-Aug-17
Ramona Miller Huntington Beach, CA 4-Sep-17
Katja Flores Huntington Beach, CA 5-Sep-17
Timothy Mosher Hydesville, CA 6-Sep-17
Barbars Weightman Indian Wells, CA 28-Aug-17
Kelli L. Navarro Indio, CA 8-Sep-17
Melinda Leithold Inverness, CA 15-Aug-17
Sabrina Page Inverness, CA 15-Aug-17
Brenda Balanda Inverness, CA 15-Aug-17
Stuart Kutchins Inverness, CA 15-Aug-17
Maureen & Joseph Blumenthal Inverness, CA 15-Aug-17
Ellen Lesli Inverness, CA 29-Aug-17
Julie Groscup Irvine, CA 14-Aug-17
Jordan Proper Irvine, CA 16-Aug-17
Gabriella CAltabiano Irvine, CA 17-Aug-17
S. Lang Irvine, CA 21-Aug-17
Shanna O’Shea Irvine, CA 5-Sep-17
Eduardo Herrera Irvine, CA 5-Sep-17
Alonzo Coston Jurupa valley, CA 20-Aug-17
William Bluhm Kelseyville, CA 14-Aug-17
Richard Freeman Kensington, CA 11-Aug-17
Shiva Niazi Kensington, CA 11-Aug-17
Tiffany Baer Kensington, CA 14-Aug-17
Michael Butler Kensington, CA 23-Aug-17
Susan Blair Kensington, CA 30-Aug-17
Katie Gluck Kensington, CA 30-Aug-17
Michelle Fontaine Kentfield, CA 23-Aug-17
Becky Giudici King City, CA 7-Sep-17
Aline Vaca Kings Beach, CA 24-Aug-17
Talia Doignon Kings Beach, CA 24-Aug-17
Lisa Swartz Kingsburg, CA 27-Aug-17
Arianne Dean La Habra, CA 4-Sep-17
Luke Dean La Habra, CA 4-Sep-17
Lynnette Vega La Honda, CA 10-Aug-17
Nikol Sinclair La Jolla, CA 5-Sep-17
Linda Kinnaman La Mesa, CA 15-Aug-17
Linda McDonald La Mesa, CA 2-Sep-17
Sally Toy La Puente, CA 15-Aug-17
Jill Rodriguez La Verne, CA 15-Aug-17
Springs Family Ladera Ranch, CA 5-Sep-17
Jerri Fields Lafayette, CA 17-Aug-17
Suzanne Mikulicic Lafayette, CA 27-Aug-17
Vladimir Mikulicic Lafayette, CA 27-Aug-17
Christopher Mahler Lafayette, CA 28-Aug-17
Patricia M. Battersby Lafayette, CA 28-Aug-17
Ashley Battersby Lafayette, CA 28-Aug-17
Jerri and Steve Schwartz Lafayette, CA 29-Aug-17
Trudy Joyce Laguna Beach, CA 19-Aug-17
Lisa Britt Laguna Beach, CA 31-Aug-17
Scott Thomas Laguna Beach, CA 2-Sep-17
Diana Hudson Laguna Niguel, CA 13-Aug-17
Tammi Ameli Laguna Niguel, CA 31-Aug-17
Rhiannon Harris Laguna Niguel, CA 8-Sep-17
Laura Galli Lake Balboa, CA 20-Aug-17
Krystal Pirkl Lakewood, CA 16-Aug-17
Helena Lambert Lakewood, CA 2-Sep-17
Joyce Soos Lancaster, CA 21-Aug-17
Steven C. Cutler Larkspur, CA 15-Aug-17
Erin Swanson Larkspur, CA 19-Aug-17
Will Csaklos Larkspur, CA 21-Aug-17
Judith Shiner Larkspur, CA 22-Aug-17
Sandra Downer Lathrop, CA 15-Aug-17
Noeli Dallas Le Grand, CA 22-Aug-17
Lacy Pryde Lincoln, CA 14-Aug-17
Alla Doroshuk Lincoln, CA 14-Aug-17
Tara Meskowsky Lincoln, CA 15-Aug-17
Michelle Dworak Lincoln, CA 19-Aug-17
Debbie Ewing Lincoln, CA 29-Aug-17
Kelly Burton Lincoln, CA 4-Sep-17
Marla Vega Livermore, CA 14-Aug-17
Patsy Ferrulli Livermore, CA 15-Aug-17
Cynthia Greci Livermore, CA 15-Aug-17
Penny Avery Livermore, CA 15-Aug-17
Anna Ferrulli Livermore, CA 15-Aug-17
Jeannette Livermore, CA 16-Aug-17
Maribeth Linhart Livermore, CA 20-Aug-17
Leticia Vasquez Livingston, CA 14-Aug-17
Anthony Giannini Lodi, CA 15-Aug-17
Lorinda Jonard Lodi, CA 20-Aug-17
Joy Hoover Lompoc, CA 14-Aug-17
Cindy Koch Long Beach, CA 13-Aug-17
Laura Adams Long Beach, CA 17-Aug-17
FranLee Avila Long Beach, CA 31-Aug-17
Judita Wignall Long beach, CA 4-Sep-17
Susie Simon Long Beach, CA 5-Sep-17
Luke Yankee Long Beach, CA 13-Sep-17
Lisa MacMillan Long Beach, CA 13-Sep-17
Lang Moy Long Beach, CA 19-Sep-17
Melissa Bunfill Loomis, CA 19-Aug-17
Stephanie Walker Los Altos, CA 12-Aug-17
Donald Gladstone Los Altos, CA 13-Aug-17
Peter Sullivan Los Altos, CA 29-Aug-17
Seyon Chung Los Altos, CA 7-Sep-17
Cathy Mas Los Angeles, CA 11-Aug-17
Monique Escamilla Los Angeles, CA 11-Aug-17
Pamela way Los Angeles, CA 11-Aug-17
Eric Vollmer Los Angeles, CA 11-Aug-17
Todd Beeson Los Angeles, CA 12-Aug-17
Margaret Molloy Los Angeles, CA 12-Aug-17
Ed Mackeen Los angeles, CA 12-Aug-17
Craig Adkins Los Angeles, CA 13-Aug-17
Barry Chait Los Angeles, CA 13-Aug-17
Rachelle Campos Los Angeles, CA 13-Aug-17
John Knox Los Angeles, CA 13-Aug-17
Michelle Baron Los Angeles, CA 13-Aug-17
Susan Canning Los Angeles, CA 13-Aug-17
Edgar Sandoval Los Angeles, CA 13-Aug-17
Leanne Wright Los Angeles, CA 13-Aug-17
Stefanie m Keenan Los Angeles, CA 13-Aug-17
Leora Katz Los Angeles, CA 14-Aug-17
Dave White Los Angeles, CA 14-Aug-17
Jennifer Martin Los Angeles, CA 14-Aug-17
Patricia Brown Los Angeles, CA 14-Aug-17
Constantine Vlahos Los Angeles, CA 14-Aug-17
Mia Barcia-Colombo Los Angeles, CA 15-Aug-17
Anna Papikian Los Angeles, CA 15-Aug-17
Lavette Allen Los Angeles, CA 15-Aug-17
Mary Sandoval Los Angeles, CA 16-Aug-17
Kathy A Ornstein Los Angeles, CA 18-Aug-17
Katarina Wittich Los Angeles, CA 20-Aug-17
Natalie Cargill Los Angeles, CA 21-Aug-17
Hilary Kaplan Los Angeles, CA 21-Aug-17
Erin McCarthy Los Angeles, CA 29-Aug-17
Robin Gibson Los Angeles, CA 29-Aug-17
Marian Smith Los Angeles, CA 29-Aug-17
Sherra Cunningham Los Angeles, CA 30-Aug-17
Alison Childs Los Angeles, CA 1-Sep-17
Adriana montoya Los Angeles, CA 1-Sep-17
Cecy Avila Los Angeles, CA 2-Sep-17
Lauren Wilson Los Angeles, CA 2-Sep-17
Carmen Splane Los Angeles, CA 3-Sep-17
Humberto Garcia Los Angeles, CA 3-Sep-17
Aidan Euan Los Angeles, CA 4-Sep-17
Kelsey Fengler Los Angeles, CA 4-Sep-17
Stephanie Los Angeles, CA 4-Sep-17
Sabine El Gemayel Los Angeles, CA 11-Sep-17
Alexander Black Los Angeles, CA 13-Sep-17
Rachel Shane Los Angels, CA 16-Aug-17
Sean Gregory Los Angleles, CA 15-Aug-17
Audrey Armstrong Los Gatos, CA 13-Aug-17
Khim Choong Los Gatos, CA 13-Aug-17
Kirk J. Krauss Los Gatos, CA 30-Aug-17
Kim Eabry Los Gatos, CA 7-Sep-17
Massimiliano Turri Los Gatos, CA 7-Sep-17
Lorna Kohler Los Gatos, CA 7-Sep-17
Linda Scott Los Osos, CA 19-Aug-17
Daniel Stellenwerf Lower Lake, CA 10-Sep-17
VeroniCA Delgado Madera, CA 14-Aug-17
Joseph Mcgarty Manhattan Beach, CA 14-Aug-17
Phyllis Ruderman Manhattan Beach, CA 6-Sep-17
Gino Nucci Manhattan Beach, CA 13-Sep-17
Jessica Barraza Manteca, CA 14-Aug-17
CAndice M Birmingham Manteca, CA 14-Aug-17
Carene Brandrup Manteca, CA 15-Aug-17
Ashley Booth ManteCA, CA 15-Aug-17
Vincent Snodgrass Manteca, CA 18-Aug-17
Cynthia Sabol Mariposa, CA 19-Sep-17
Andrea Telfer Martinez, CA 17-Aug-17
Suzanne Hall-Whitney Martinez, CA 21-Aug-17
Elisa Rios Meadow Vista, CA 14-Aug-17
Aiko Shimada Meadow Vista, CA 15-Aug-17
Yaoko Shimada Meadow Vista, CA 15-Aug-17
Leslie Hunter Meadow Vista, CA 15-Aug-17
Nancy Goodyear Meadow Vista, CA 16-Aug-17
Mark Collins Meadow Vista, CA 19-Aug-17
Mirthia Romero Menifee, CA 14-Aug-17
Tracy Maldonado Merced, CA 14-Aug-17
Greg Eldefonso Merced, CA 22-Aug-17
Marta Williams Middletown, CA 6-Sep-17
Michelle Heart Middletown, CA 10-Sep-17
Bronwyn Leslie Midpines, CA 13-Aug-17
Erma Murphy Mill Valley, CA 22-Aug-17
Beth Greer Mill Valley, CA 11-Aug-17
Adrea Brier Mill Valley, CA 11-Aug-17
Lynn Feinerman Mill Valley, CA 11-Aug-17
L Williams Mill Valley, CA 13-Aug-17
Yvette Wakefield Mill Valley, CA 21-Aug-17
Eyzatia Wakefield Mill Valley, CA 21-Aug-17
Steve Lett Mill Valley, CA 21-Aug-17
Anders Christensen Mill Valley, CA 22-Aug-17
Erma Murphy Mill Valley, CA 23-Aug-17
April Abbott Mill Valley, CA 23-Aug-17
Jen Broas Mill Valley, CA 5-Sep-17
Lynda Cornejo Mill Valley, CA 5-Sep-17
Fernanda Repsold Mill Valley, CA 11-Sep-17
Samar Noureddine Millbrae, CA 24-Aug-17
Sal Noureddine Millbrae, CA 24-Aug-17
Hind Bou Salman Millbrae, CA 24-Aug-17
Rabina Abi-Chahine Millbrae, CA 28-Aug-17
Roxie Crockett Milpitas, CA 14-Aug-17
Sandra Trinidad Mission Hills, CA 28-Aug-17
Valerie Noble Mission Viejo, CA 16-Aug-17
Cengiz R. Sarikcioglu Mission Viejo, CA 4-Sep-17
Tracie Jimenez Mission Viejo, CA 17-Sep-17
Deborah Ankeny Mission Viejo, CA 17-Sep-17
Barbara Hosmer Mission Viejo, CA 17-Sep-17
Bryan Schmitz Mission Viejo, CA 19-Sep-17
Jason Wayrynen Modesto, CA 14-Aug-17
Mike Affholter Modesto, CA 14-Aug-17
Anna Affholter Modesto, CA 14-Aug-17
Chantel Mcfall Modesto, CA 14-Aug-17
Rachael Hall Modesto, CA 14-Aug-17
Amy Lipomi Modesto, CA 15-Aug-17
Char Hinkle Modesto, CA 15-Aug-17
Diane Mccumber Modesto, CA 16-Aug-17
Jim Riddell Modesto, CA 16-Aug-17
Mervet Mitri Modesto, CA 1-Sep-17
Adriana Hernandez Modesto, CA 3-Sep-17
Keith Wellington Modesto, CA 4-Sep-17
Nicholas Vermillion Modesto, CA 5-Sep-17
Diane Hillas Modesto, CA 5-Sep-17
Nancy Hoagland Montara, CA 11-Aug-17
Carl Van Dyke Monte Rio, CA 29-Aug-17
Jayce Burke Monte Sereno, CA 2-Sep-17
Danielle Gregorio Monterey, CA 24-Aug-17
Claudy Assalit Monterey, CA 3-Sep-17
Tarima Cannell Monterey, CA 7-Sep-17
Betsy Davidson Monterey, CA 7-Sep-17
Nathan Pavitt Moorpark, CA 15-Aug-17
Brianne Sanada Moorpark, CA 17-Aug-17
Jack Tang Moreno Valley, CA 22-Aug-17
Bradley Mouroux Morgan Hill, CA 11-Sep-17
Peter Murtha Moss Beach, CA 15-Aug-17
Andrea Campbell Mount Shasta, CA 4-Sep-17
Cristen C.J. Osborne Mountain View, CA 11-Aug-17
Julie Amato Mountain View, CA 11-Aug-17
Dinmani Savla Mountain View, CA 11-Aug-17
Edlyn Teske Mountain View, CA 13-Aug-17
Cathy Wong Mountain View, CA 21-Aug-17
Chris Bedford Mountain View, CA 25-Aug-17
Vicki Gold Mt Shasta, CA 14-Aug-17
John Sanguinetti Mt Shasta, CA 7-Sep-17
Jill Gardner Mt. Shasta, CA 7-Sep-17
Marilyn Laatsch Muir Beach, CA 15-Aug-17
Bob Russo Murrieta, CA 11-Aug-17
Joseph Montgomery Murrieta, CA 14-Aug-17
Roxane Miller Murrieta, CA 14-Aug-17
Renee Wade N San Juan, CA 12-Aug-17
Andrew Siedlikowski Napa, CA 14-Aug-17
Lysette Robles Napa, CA 4-Sep-17
Niko Cortez Napa, CA 4-Sep-17
Reinette Senum Nevada City, CA 11-Aug-17
Harriet Totten Nevada City, CA 11-Aug-17
Cosmo Merryweather Nevada City, CA 11-Aug-17
Dave Iorns Nevada City, CA 11-Aug-17
Susan Nance Nevada City, CA 11-Aug-17
Jeanene Lenz Nevada City, CA 11-Aug-17
Katherine Doolittle Nevada City, CA 12-Aug-17
Diana Malley Nevada City, CA 12-Aug-17
Tim and Sandra Scott Nevada City, CA 12-Aug-17
Sherree Hill Nevada City, CA 12-Aug-17
Pat Barrentine Nevada City, CA 12-Aug-17
Rhonda Lynn Nevada City, CA 12-Aug-17
Suzona Pitkin Nevada City, CA 12-Aug-17
Berry Bartolillo Nevada City, CA 12-Aug-17
Mary Peterson Nevada City, CA 12-Aug-17
Bonnie Madden Nevada City, CA 12-Aug-17
Grace MacKenzie Nevada City, CA 12-Aug-17
Leora Coronel Nevada City, CA 13-Aug-17
Ed Buryn Nevada City, CA 13-Aug-17
Rebecca smith Nevada City, CA 13-Aug-17
Shirley Kinghorn Nevada City, CA 14-Aug-17
Donna Chamberlain Nevada City, CA 14-Aug-17
Clara L Morgan Nevada City, CA 14-Aug-17
Shelley M. Salvatore Nevada City, CA 15-Aug-17
Jennifer Crebbin Nevada City, CA 15-Aug-17
Melissa Thomas Nevada City, CA 16-Aug-17
Reinette Senum Nevada City, CA 4-Sep-17
Roger Strong Nevada city, CA 4-Sep-17
Debra Dworaczyk Nevada City, CA 4-Sep-17
Yvonne Scarlett Nevada City, CA 5-Sep-17
Tamara Sindorf Nevada City, CA 5-Sep-17
Christina Stock Nevada City, CA 5-Sep-17
Mark Janzaruk Nevada City, CA 5-Sep-17
Pauli Halstead Nevada City, CA 5-Sep-17
Kath Fingarson Nevada City, CA 5-Sep-17
Ryan love Nevada city, CA 6-Sep-17
Shelley Salvatore Nevada City, CA 6-Sep-17
Paula Orloff Nevada City, CA 6-Sep-17
Paul W. Rea Newark, CA 11-Aug-17
Kathleen Ngo Newark, CA 6-Sep-17
Linda Snively Newberry Springs, CA 13-Aug-17
Alyssa Hamilton Newport Beach, CA 17-Aug-17
Catherine Farrell Newport Beach, CA 31-Aug-17
Jordan Govorko Newport beach, CA 5-Sep-17
Alana Walker Newport Beach, CA 6-Sep-17
Donna Gibson Newport Coast, CA 16-Aug-17
Susan Kline NiCAsio, CA 15-Aug-17
Judy Vick Nipomo, CA 7-Sep-17
Deborah Forman North Highlands, CA 14-Aug-17
Yuliya Vasilevitsky North Highlands, CA 15-Aug-17
Eric Turk North Hills, CA 15-Aug-17
Debra James North Hills, CA 30-Aug-17
Vartan Muradian North Hills, CA 15-Sep-17
Frank Hill North Hollywood, CA 13-Aug-17
Drew Sinatra Novato, CA 21-Aug-17
Theresa Jacobs Novato, CA 22-Aug-17
Lyndsey M Watkins Novato, CA 11-Sep-17
Roseanna Baugh Oak Run, CA 19-Aug-17
llyana landes Oakalnd, CA 18-Aug-17
Cheril Petroni Oakdale, CA 15-Aug-17
Johanna Finney Oakdale, CA 12-Aug-17
Raymond McGill Oakland, CA 13-Aug-17
Sue Mccullough Oakland, CA 14-Aug-17
Elisa Sawyer Oakland, CA 14-Aug-17
Kyle Bruckmann Oakland, CA 15-Aug-17
Patricia Johnson Oakland, CA 16-Aug-17
Greg Cluster Oakland, CA 16-Aug-17
Philip La Barbera Oakland, CA 16-Aug-17
Jerry Johnson Oakland, CA 17-Aug-17
Risa Kaparo Oakland, CA 17-Aug-17
Roseann Johnson Oakland, CA 17-Aug-17
Chris Carnazzo Oakland, CA 18-Aug-17
Nancy Friedman Oakland, CA 19-Aug-17
Lorraine chan Oakland, CA 19-Aug-17
Lionel Chan Oakland, CA 19-Aug-17
Sharon Haase Oakland, CA 20-Aug-17
Sarah Glaubman Oakland, CA 21-Aug-17
Stuart Moody Oakland, CA 21-Aug-17
Michael Kamen Oakland, CA 21-Aug-17
Zachary Chan Oakland, CA 21-Aug-17
Jennifer Formoso Oakland, CA 22-Aug-17
Megan Cody Oakland, CA 22-Aug-17
Alegra Dashielle Oakland, CA 23-Aug-17
Donna de la Perriere Oakland, CA 24-Aug-17
Joseph Lease Oakland, CA 24-Aug-17
Greg St.Clair Oakland, CA 24-Aug-17
Susan Urquhart-Brown Oakland, CA 27-Aug-17
Christopher Brown Oakland, CA 27-Aug-17
Carolyn Norr Oakland, CA 27-Aug-17
Chia Hamilton Oakland, CA 28-Aug-17
Craig Fiels Oakland, CA 29-Aug-17
Tina Juarez Oakland, CA 29-Aug-17
Linette Davis Oakland, CA 4-Sep-17
Cynthia Ovando Oakland, CA 5-Sep-17
Patricia Brennecke Oakland, CA 5-Sep-17
Gopal Slavonic Oakland, CA 7-Sep-17
Richard Eichmann Oakland, CA 9-Sep-17
Fred Rosenblum Oakland, CA 16-Sep-17
Kara Lipsett Oakland, CA 20-Sep-17
Jaana Hansen Oakley, CA 17-Aug-17
Jayme Stoops Oakley, CA 1-Sep-17
Corinne Kuhlmann Oakley, CA 7-Sep-17
David Dillman Occidental, CA 11-Aug-17
Miriam Redstone Occidental, CA 11-Aug-17
Carla Shippey Occidental, CA 12-Aug-17
Lynn Watson Occidental, CA 14-Aug-17
Jesse Sherer Occidental, CA 23-Aug-17
Anita Baldwin Occidental, CA 13-Sep-17
Quyen Nguyen Oceanside, CA 15-Aug-17
Christine Gorman Oceanside, CA 1-Sep-17
Margaret Genova Oceanside, CA 5-Sep-17
Andrea Hakala Oceanside, CA 8-Sep-17
Edwin Fernandez Ontario, CA 13-Aug-17
Deborah Fernandez Ontario, CA 14-Aug-17
Gabriela Ramos Ontario, CA 2-Sep-17
Ana Lucero Ontario, CA 5-Sep-17
Elizabeth Soriano Ontario, CA 9-Sep-17
Cynthia Hoffman Orange, CA 15-Aug-17
Antonella Morelli Orange, CA 3-Sep-17
Trystan Gamma Orange, CA 5-Sep-17
Veronica Morales Orange, CA 5-Sep-17
Xavier Gama Orange, CA 5-Sep-17
Darshan Gamma Orange, CA 5-Sep-17
Megan Trevino Orange, CA 5-Sep-17
Lorainne Frost Orange, CA 18-Sep-17
Antonia Larios-Rios Orange, CA 21-Sep-17
Jennifer Grant Orangevale, CA 12-Aug-17
Nancy Walty Orangevale, CA 14-Aug-17
Wenda Merz Orangevale, CA 21-Aug-17
Charles Pace Orangevale, CA 21-Aug-17
Pamela Miod Orangevale, CA 4-Sep-17
David Miod Orangevale, CA 4-Sep-17
Lucy Murr Orangevale, CA 5-Sep-17
Sandra Allen Orcutt, CA 20-Sep-17
Ellen Marks Orinda, CA 10-Aug-17
Diane Bianchi Orinda, CA 19-Aug-17
Dana Wentworth Orinda, CA 27-Aug-17
Pamela Center Orinda, CA 28-Aug-17
Virginia Stewart Carton Orinda, CA 28-Aug-17
Garen Ingleby Orinda, CA 30-Aug-17
Hanna Mathis Oroville, CA 15-Aug-17
Darro Grieco Oroville, CA 16-Aug-17
Jeneva Miller Oroville, CA 6-Sep-17
Kelly Dawn Oroville, CA 12-Sep-17
James Wilson Oxnard, CA 25-Aug-17
Erik Ennabe Oxnard, CA 7-Sep-17
Denise Mello Pacific Grove, CA 16-Aug-17
William A. Boosman Pacific Grove, CA 22-Aug-17
Genevieve Malloy Palm Springs, CA 31-Aug-17
Abraham Flores Palmdale, CA 8-Sep-17
Paula Rantz Palo Alto, CA 12-Aug-17
Karen Porter Palo Alto, CA 14-Aug-17
Rachel Cooley Palo Alto, CA 16-Aug-17
Amrutha Kattamuri Palo Alto, CA 23-Aug-17
Andrew Harwell Palo Alto, CA 24-Aug-17
Vineeta Gupta Palo Alto, CA 29-Aug-17
Balamurali Meduri Palo Alto, CA 3-Sep-17
Hank Edson Palo Alto, CA 5-Sep-17
Rachel Mayberry Palo Alto, CA 6-Sep-17
Jesse Mayberry Palo Alto, CA 6-Sep-17
Sarah Walker Palo Alto, CA 6-Sep-17
Valerie Beranek Palos Verdes Estates, CA 14-Aug-17
Arleigh Dotson Palos Verdes Estates, CA 24-Aug-17
Keith Leisure Panorama City, CA 17-Aug-17
Maggie Huff Paradise, CA 13-Aug-17
Crystal Garduno Paramount, CA 2-Sep-17
Traci VacCAro Pasadena, CA 15-Aug-17
Steven Rhee Pasadena, CA 15-Aug-17
Carrie Carrier Pasadena, CA 19-Aug-17
Gina Haber Pasadena, CA 6-Sep-17
Nancy Junge Paso Robles, CA 7-Sep-17
Cheryl Jacobson Pattersin, CA 14-Aug-17
Mark Johnson Penn Valley, CA 12-Aug-17
Janet Tache Penn Valley, CA 12-Aug-17
Cay Fisher Penn Valley, CA 12-Aug-17
Susan Frisbie Penn Valley, CA 14-Aug-17
Rudy Udarbe Penn Valley, CA 16-Aug-17
Robert Stephson Penn Valley, CA 23-Aug-17
Robert Stephson Penn Valley, CA 23-Aug-17
David Adams Penn Valley, CA 26-Aug-17
Christina Wallace Penngrove, CA 19-Aug-17
Linda Sandoval Penngrove, CA 4-Sep-17
Amy Sobehrad Loh Petaluma, CA 4-Sep-17
Kristen Wood Petaluma, CA 10-Aug-17
Allison Finch Petaluma, CA 10-Aug-17
Alicia Wolff Petaluma, CA 10-Aug-17
Jennifer Robinson Petaluma, CA 10-Aug-17
Jennifer Ostermann Petaluma, CA 10-Aug-17
Heather Luttrell Petaluma, CA 10-Aug-17
Jacoba Charles Petaluma, CA 10-Aug-17
Heather Gallagher Petaluma, CA 10-Aug-17
Sarah koniak Petaluma, CA 10-Aug-17
Bridgit Lee Petaluma, CA 10-Aug-17
Debra Baretta petaluma, CA 10-Aug-17
Jason Greenwald Petaluma, CA 11-Aug-17
Tonya Parnak Petaluma, CA 11-Aug-17
Janet Muther Petaluma, CA 11-Aug-17
Stephanie Disney Petaluma, CA 12-Aug-17
Janice Hardy Petaluma, CA 12-Aug-17
Jessica Wilson Petaluma, CA 12-Aug-17
Nicole Fugo Zibelman Petaluma, CA 13-Aug-17
Maayan Schoeman Petaluma, CA 14-Aug-17
Laura Runyeon Petaluma, CA 14-Aug-17
Chris Schirm Petaluma, CA 15-Aug-17
Robyn CAnnistra Petaluma, CA 15-Aug-17
Catherine Thuresson Petaluma, CA 15-Aug-17
Pat Spitzig Petaluma, CA 16-Aug-17
Sarah Austin Landa Petaluma, CA 16-Aug-17
Maggie Ellyn Hohle Petaluma, CA 17-Aug-17
Jeremiah Kagin Petaluma, CA 18-Aug-17
Carol Latvala Petaluma, CA 18-Aug-17
Emi love Petaluma, CA 19-Aug-17
Liam Nelson Petaluma, CA 19-Aug-17
Sherry Hinrichs Petaluma, CA 21-Aug-17
Janet Carol Ryan Petaluma, CA 22-Aug-17
Dennis Owens Petaluma, CA 22-Aug-17
Paul Gee Petaluma, CA 23-Aug-17
Beverly Alexander Petaluma, CA 25-Aug-17
Lucy London Petaluma, CA 27-Aug-17
Frances Acar Petaluma, CA 27-Aug-17
Kathleen Kestelyn Petaluma, CA 27-Aug-17
Jenny Roberts Petaluma, CA 27-Aug-17
Kendall Montiel Petaluma, CA 27-Aug-17
Chrystal Sunshine Petaluma, CA 27-Aug-17
Marianne Reiner Petaluma, CA 27-Aug-17
Alia Beeton Petaluma, CA 27-Aug-17
Jessica Umphress Petaluma, CA 27-Aug-17
Randi Reaney Petaluma, CA 27-Aug-17
Kari Kittinger Petaluma, CA 27-Aug-17
Jeffrey Creque Petaluma, CA 28-Aug-17
Donna Pontrello Petaluma, CA 28-Aug-17
Dawn Robles Petaluma, CA 28-Aug-17
Jenny Christensen Petaluma, CA 28-Aug-17
Susan Johnson Petaluma, CA 28-Aug-17
Suzanne Mackey Petaluma, CA 28-Aug-17
Elizabeth Mello Petaluma, CA 29-Aug-17
Matt Maguire Petaluma, CA 29-Aug-17
Satya Giordano Petaluma, CA 2-Sep-17
Diana Marota Petaluma, CA 12-Sep-17
Lisa Van Ostenbridge Phelan, CA 30-Aug-17
Patricia Brinkmann Pico Rivera, CA 18-Aug-17
Kristin Kozinchik Piedmont, CA 17-Aug-17
FredriCA Robertson Piedmont, CA 17-Aug-17
Margaret A Chandler Piedmont, CA 17-Aug-17
Mary Purcell Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Stephen Kozinchik Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Patricia White Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Jenny Chung Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Amy Ajello Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Penelope Robb Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Sherk Chung Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Checheng Ko Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Boleyn Ni Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Lisa CArnazzo Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Sarah Roberts Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Jennifer Gregovich Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Patty Dunlap Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Dale Humphries Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Monica Gregory Piniella Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Sara Alspaugh Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Robert Woo Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Susie Woo Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Wendy pomerantz Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Beverly rothenberg Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Anita L Stapen Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Nancy Lockhart Piedmont, CA 18-Aug-17
Carrie Levy Piedmont, CA 19-Aug-17
Paula Flamm Piedmont, CA 19-Aug-17
Mary R Sampson Piedmont, CA 19-Aug-17
Teebie Saunders Piedmont, CA 19-Aug-17
Lisa Gardner Piedmont, CA 19-Aug-17
Carey Valentine Piedmont, CA 19-Aug-17
Susan Rode Piedmont, CA 19-Aug-17
Mimi Lee Piedmont, CA 19-Aug-17
Raymond Chueh Piedmont, CA 19-Aug-17
Rosie Lee Piedmont, CA 19-Aug-17
Allison Allessio Piedmont, CA 19-Aug-17
Tara Boris Piedmont, CA 19-Aug-17
Barbara Sloan Piedmont, CA 21-Aug-17
Mike Welch Piedmont, CA 21-Aug-17
Hilary Gitter Piedmont, CA 21-Aug-17
Wendi Sue Piedmont, CA 21-Aug-17
Margaret Bridges Piedmont, CA 21-Aug-17
Lisa Ashton Piedmont, CA 21-Aug-17
Mary Silver Piedmont, CA 22-Aug-17
Unmani Sarasvati Piedmont, CA 22-Aug-17
Shary Nunan Piedmont, CA 23-Aug-17
Joyce Rickenbaker Piedmont, CA 23-Aug-17
David Rickenbaker Piedmont, CA 23-Aug-17
David Theis Piedmont, CA 23-Aug-17
John Hiestand Piedmont, CA 23-Aug-17
Joseph Saah Piedmont, CA 23-Aug-17
Jonathan Becker Piedmont, CA 24-Aug-17
Jeanne Alvis Piedmont, CA 24-Aug-17
Amber Brumfiel Piedmont, CA 24-Aug-17
Fredrica Robertson Piedmont, CA 24-Aug-17
John Jeffrey Shea Piedmont, CA 26-Aug-17
Janet Zovickian Piedmont, CA 28-Aug-17
Mark Ludwig Piedmont, CA 8-Sep-17
Dietrich Meyer Pine Grove, CA 15-Aug-17
Susan Varela Pinole, CA 4-Sep-17
Elaine Owyang Jaymot Pinole, CA 7-Sep-17
Keith Allison Pinole, CA 18-Sep-17
lori Alen Placerville, CA 11-Aug-17
renee dieker Placerville, CA 19-Aug-17
Lee Miller Placerville, CA 23-Aug-17
Shirley Shelangoski Pleasant Hill, CA 11-Aug-17
Susan Hedgpeth Pleasant Hill, CA 19-Aug-17
Hursey Baker Pleasant Hill, CA 19-Aug-17
Kim Rittenhouse Pleasant Hill, CA 21-Aug-17
Ray Villa Pleasant Hill, CA 3-Sep-17
Deborah Pruette Pleasanton, CA 14-Aug-17
Mercedes Somerville Plymouth, CA 15-Aug-17
Nan Wishner Point Arena, CA 22-Aug-17
Susanna Henderson Point Reyes Station, CA 20-Aug-17
Barry Deutsch Point Reyes Station, CA 30-Aug-17
Julia Mueller Point Reyes Station, CA 5-Sep-17
Pam Carr Point Reyes, CA 24-Aug-17
K Spence Pollock Pines, CA 16-Aug-17
Andrea Bontempo Pomona, CA 2-Sep-17
Crystle M Libre Porter Ranch, CA 15-Aug-17
David Smernoff Portola Valley, CA 24-Aug-17
Cindy Russell Portola VAlley, CA 5-Sep-17
Julie Meiners Quartz Hill, CA 15-Aug-17
Cecilia Reynolds Quincy, CA 29-Aug-17
Victoria Dintu Rancho Cordova, CA 14-Aug-17
C Ponte Rancho Murieta, CA 5-Sep-17
Viona Hamilton Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 24-Aug-17
Elaine Ng Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 24-Aug-17
Donna Doan Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 26-Aug-17
Stephanie Bezner Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 26-Aug-17
Susan Foster Rancho Santa Fe, CA 11-Aug-17
Holly Manion Rancho Santa Fe, CA 30-Aug-17
Nicky Vandyke Red Bluff, CA 15-Aug-17
Ursula Kimler Redding, CA 14-Aug-17
Rachel Fleming Redding, CA 14-Aug-17
Libby Mathews Redding, CA 14-Aug-17
D. Free Redding, CA 15-Aug-17
Stephen Lint Redding, CA 21-Aug-17
Jill Kane Redding, CA 7-Sep-17
Joe LeMehaute Redding, CA 7-Sep-17
Cheryl Clark Redondo Beach, CA 10-Aug-17
Stacey Marcus Redondo Beach, CA 5-Sep-17
Gen Lovyet Agustsson Redondo Beach, CA 15-Sep-17
Thalia Lubin Redwood City, CA 11-Aug-17
Fouad BouSalman Redwood City, CA 24-Aug-17
Jessica Austin Reedley, CA 2-Sep-17
Matthew Patterson Reseda, CA 15-Aug-17
Ramiro Flores Richmond, CA 11-Aug-17
Barbara Turunen Richmond, CA 14-Aug-17
Kathleen Gebhart Richmond, CA 15-Aug-17
Jennifer Schmitt Richmond, CA 17-Aug-17
Gayle McLaughlin Richmond, CA 19-Aug-17
Kerry McDaniel Richmond, CA 22-Aug-17
Larry Brewster Richmond, CA 23-Aug-17
Robert O’Brien Richmond, CA 5-Sep-17
Janice Smith Rimforest, CA 19-Sep-17
Lisa Weinstein Ripon, CA 11-Aug-17
MoniCA Ferrulli Ripon, CA 14-Aug-17
Colleen Medeiros Ripon, CA 14-Aug-17
Kyle Ferrulli Ripon, CA 14-Aug-17
Amy Reedy Ripon, CA 14-Aug-17
Joe Prime Ripon, CA 14-Aug-17
Becky Orozco Ripon, CA 14-Aug-17
Becky Kahan Ripon, CA 14-Aug-17
Melissa Monahan Ripon, CA 14-Aug-17
Cheryl Garcia Ripon, CA 14-Aug-17
Cindy Diaz Ripon, CA 14-Aug-17
Norma Weeks Ripon, CA 14-Aug-17
Stacy Browne Ripon, CA 14-Aug-17
Leslie Rushing Ripon, CA 14-Aug-17
Amber Rademacher Ripon, CA 14-Aug-17
Gina Berger Ripon, CA 14-Aug-17
Vicky Norman Ripon, CA 15-Aug-17
Tiffany Sybesma Ripon, CA 15-Aug-17
Nicole Schemper Ripon, CA 15-Aug-17
Pam Zamora Ripon, CA 15-Aug-17
Kellie Prime Ripon, CA 15-Aug-17
Tam Giulian Ripon, CA 15-Aug-17
Joel Moyer Ripon, CA 15-Aug-17
Regina Vincent Ripon, CA 16-Aug-17
Terry Souza Ripon, CA 16-Aug-17
Melissa Jautaikis Ripon, CA 16-Aug-17
Oneida Perez Alsaidi Ripon, CA 16-Aug-17
Amy Parsons Ripon, CA 16-Aug-17
Shelly Alberti Ripon, CA 16-Aug-17
Sara Liesenfeld Ripon, CA 16-Aug-17
Holly Moyer Ripon, CA 18-Aug-17
Lynette Rubio Ripon, CA 18-Aug-17
Michelle Chiulli Ripon, CA 18-Aug-17
Karen Weber Ripon, CA 18-Aug-17
Kristie Martin Ripon, CA 18-Aug-17
Debbie Vickers Ripon, CA 18-Aug-17
Tracy Grussing Ripon, CA 18-Aug-17
Michelle Townsend Ripon, CA 18-Aug-17
Kayse Linstroth Ripon, CA 18-Aug-17
Robin McAlister Ripon, CA 18-Aug-17
Joanne velez Ripon, CA 19-Aug-17
Brooke Boersma Ripon, CA 19-Aug-17
Penny Hansen Ripon, CA 19-Aug-17
Charles J. Leist Riverside, CA 3-Sep-17
Lauren Barnes Riverside, CA 5-Sep-17
Celia Nunez Rocklin, CA 14-Aug-17
Kelly Tajiri Rocklin, CA 14-Aug-17
Gerald Mitchell Rocklin, CA 15-Aug-17
Alison Logue Rocklin, CA 19-Aug-17
Tamara Whitelaw Rocklin, CA 11-Sep-17
jane fossgreen Rohnert Park, CA 11-Aug-17
Sage Oliva Rohnert Park, CA 14-Aug-17
Sylvia Binsfeld Rohnert Park, CA 23-Aug-17
David Molidor Rohnert Park, CA 1-Sep-17
Shannon Hanaway Rohnert Park, CA 6-Sep-17
Jennifer Martin Roseville, CA 14-Aug-17
Christl Michele Roseville, CA 14-Aug-17
Yuliy Peck Roseville, CA 14-Aug-17
Kathy Palmer Roseville, CA 14-Aug-17
Julie Riggs Roseville, CA 14-Aug-17
Liza Yefanov Roseville, CA 15-Aug-17
Jackson Maers Roseville, CA 15-Aug-17
Nicholle Collins Roseville, CA 17-Aug-17
Robert Cofran Roseville, CA 21-Aug-17
Mary Benny Roseville, CA 22-Aug-17
Katherine Waugh Roseville, CA 22-Aug-17
Sarai Genzlinger-Weeks Roseville, CA 28-Aug-17
Kathleen Furey Roseville, CA 19-Sep-17
Christina Simonelli Ross, CA 12-Sep-17
Dave Lynch Sacramento, CA 5-Sep-17
Kristen Lockett Sacramento, CA 10-Aug-17
Francine Davies Sacramento, CA 12-Aug-17
Eric Windheim Sacramento, CA 13-Aug-17
Jo Southard Sacramento, CA 13-Aug-17
Tin Lieu Sacramento, CA 13-Aug-17
Diane Bieniek Sacramento, CA 13-Aug-17
Alyssa Whittier Sacramento, CA 14-Aug-17
Sam Whittier Sacramento, CA 14-Aug-17
Alix Marquiss Sacramento, CA 14-Aug-17
Suzanne Leake Sacramento, CA 14-Aug-17
Dolores Sandoval Sacramento, CA 14-Aug-17
Christina Spragg Sacramento, CA 14-Aug-17
Liliya Fedorishin Sacramento, CA 14-Aug-17
Nicholle Collins Sacramento, CA 14-Aug-17
Tatyana Voznyuk Sacramento, CA 14-Aug-17
Jana BocCAlon Sacramento, CA 15-Aug-17
Susan Mills Sacramento, CA 15-Aug-17
Sandra Stoner Sacramento, CA 15-Aug-17
Raquel Torres Sacramento, CA 15-Aug-17
Melody Runyon Sacramento, CA 15-Aug-17
Robert Coplin Sacramento, CA 15-Aug-17
Rama Bowen Sacramento, CA 16-Aug-17
Richard Behymer Sacramento, CA 16-Aug-17
John Lefrancois Sacramento, CA 16-Aug-17
Arune Vasylenko Sacramento, CA 18-Aug-17
Veronica Wolfrm Sacramento, CA 19-Aug-17
Liliya Kostyuk Sacramento, CA 22-Aug-17
Lynn Orion Sacramento, CA 24-Aug-17
Ameishka Susich Sacramento, CA 27-Aug-17
Warren Beam Sacramento, CA 30-Aug-17
Charlsey Cartwright Sacramento, CA 4-Sep-17
Randall Hartley Sacramento, CA 4-Sep-17
Albertson Smith Sacramento, CA 4-Sep-17
Jeanie Keltner Sacramento, CA 5-Sep-17
Hope Harris Sacramento, CA 5-Sep-17
Deanne Rotta Sacramento, CA 5-Sep-17
Janice Wang Sacramento, CA 7-Sep-17
Addie Young Sacramento, CA 8-Sep-17
Claire Warshaw Sacramento, CA 8-Sep-17
Hai-Ngoc Martin Sacramento, CA 8-Sep-17
Read Harrison Sacramento, CA 8-Sep-17
Megan Goodin Sacramento, CA 12-Sep-17
Karina Lopez Salida, CA 14-Aug-17
Sol Gonzalvo Salinas, CA 3-Sep-17
Nancy Bennett San Anselmo, CA 20-Aug-17
Helene Robertson San Anselmo, CA 21-Aug-17
Elizabeth Briggson San Anselmo, CA 21-Aug-17
Christine Tulis San Anselmo, CA 22-Aug-17
Wiene Frans San Anselmo, CA 23-Aug-17
William Moulton San Anselmo, CA 11-Sep-17
Annette Pirrone San Anselmo, CA 13-Sep-17
Sherril Andersen San Bernardino, CA 15-Aug-17
Marc Paton San Bruno, CA 2-Sep-17
Elisse De Sio San Carlos, CA 10-Aug-17
Kassy Eldridge San Clemente, CA 14-Aug-17
Patti Estrada San Clemente, CA 14-Aug-17
James Smith San Clemente, CA 3-Sep-17
Cecily Frankin San Diego, CA 11-Aug-17
Kirby Jonas San Diego, CA 11-Aug-17
Steven Shore San Diego, CA 13-Aug-17
Diane Coombs San Diego, CA 13-Aug-17
Miriam Singer San Diego, CA 14-Aug-17
J Thompson San Diego, CA 15-Aug-17
Sybil CArlson San Diego, CA 15-Aug-17
Dorcas Alexander San Diego, CA 15-Aug-17
Paula Meyer San Diego, CA 22-Aug-17
Lisa-Angelica Aspeytia San Diego, CA 28-Aug-17
Francis Weidinger San Diego, CA 28-Aug-17
Jennifer Felix San Diego, CA 29-Aug-17
Stephanie Ellis San Diego, CA 29-Aug-17
Melisa Nielsen San Diego, CA 31-Aug-17
Franchesca Wetter San Diego, CA 31-Aug-17
Sophia Tracht San Diego, CA 3-Sep-17
Joey Norton San Diego, CA 3-Sep-17
Crisanta Palmiter San Diego, CA 5-Sep-17
Ana Sofia Batiz San Diego, CA 5-Sep-17
Alisa Cassell San Diego, CA 9-Sep-17
Ginger Davies San Diego, CA 15-Sep-17
Grace Hersh San Francisco, CA 11-Aug-17
Phyllis Levine San Francisco, CA 12-Aug-17
Michael Atkins San Francisco, CA 13-Aug-17
Roger Schult San Francisco, CA 14-Aug-17
Joel Sachs San Francisco, CA 14-Aug-17
Nelson Barry Iii San Francisco, CA 14-Aug-17
Sue Irwin San Francisco, CA 14-Aug-17
Paolo CArini San Francisco, CA 14-Aug-17
Nicholas Wong San Francisco, CA 15-Aug-17
Andrea Glass San Francisco, CA 15-Aug-17
JessiCA Fudim San Francisco, CA 15-Aug-17
Caroline Alba San Francisco, CA 15-Aug-17
Kendrick Lewallen San Francisco, CA 15-Aug-17
Phyllis Levine San Francisco, CA 18-Aug-17
Carol Yong San francisco, CA 21-Aug-17
Natasha Babaian San francisco, CA 22-Aug-17
Karen Wang San Francisco, CA 22-Aug-17
Carol Brennan San Francisco, CA 22-Aug-17
Erin Ferrare San Francisco, CA 23-Aug-17
Amy Lee Morgan San Francisco, CA 23-Aug-17
Devamarga Goldy San Francisco, CA 24-Aug-17
louise baranowski San Francisco, CA 24-Aug-17
Julia Munck San Francisco, CA 24-Aug-17
Beatrice Santiccioli San Francisco, CA 24-Aug-17
Joanne Zorkendorfer San Francisco, CA 24-Aug-17
Courtney Kingston San Francisco, CA 25-Aug-17
Kate Kim San Francisco, CA 25-Aug-17
Julie Chrome San Francisco, CA 27-Aug-17
Roselle Gozali San Francisco, CA 30-Aug-17
Steven Flamm San Francisco, CA 30-Aug-17
Lisa Kellman San Francisco, CA 30-Aug-17
Francesca Wander San Francisco, CA 31-Aug-17
Margaret Paradis San Francisco, CA 31-Aug-17
Todd Snyder San Francisco, CA 1-Sep-17
M. Morales San Francisco, CA 2-Sep-17
Victoria E. Leeds San Francisco, CA 2-Sep-17
Carrie Kromidas San Francisco, CA 5-Sep-17
Robin Grider San Francisco, CA 5-Sep-17
Gayle Davies San Francisco, CA 5-Sep-17
Aura Lane San Francisco, CA 6-Sep-17
Jessica Kubacak San Francisco, CA 8-Sep-17
Raymond LeVesque San Francisco, CA 10-Sep-17
Sarah Watkins San Francisco, CA 21-Aug-17
Van Tran San Francisco, CA 12-Sep-17
Kathleen D’Urso San Francisco, CA 12-Sep-17
Anya Deepak San Francisco, CA 14-Sep-17
Kate Brislin San Franciso, CA 21-Aug-17
Roberto Bonilla Sr San Francsico, CA 15-Aug-17
Michele Abernathy San Gabriel, CA 14-Aug-17
Mandy Yen Luu San Gabriel, CA 15-Aug-17
Mary Frank San Geronimo, CA 12-Aug-17
Sharye Cressler San Jacinto, CA 13-Aug-17
Jean Gize San Jose, CA 10-Aug-17
Darlene Mears San jose, CA 11-Aug-17
James Konsevich San Jose, CA 11-Aug-17
Saul Hernandez San Jose, CA 11-Aug-17
Chantini Claybrooke San Jose, CA 11-Aug-17
Gurman Josh Thandi San Jose, CA 11-Aug-17
Chauho Leung San Jose, CA 11-Aug-17
Pamela Lau San Jose, CA 12-Aug-17
Iris Britton San Jose, CA 12-Aug-17
Scott Schlachter San Jose, CA 14-Aug-17
Toni Brown San Jose, CA 14-Aug-17
Igor Tchertkov San Jose, CA 14-Aug-17
Cici Behler San Jose, CA 14-Aug-17
Neal Koga San Jose, CA 15-Aug-17
MoniCA Lozano San Jose, CA 15-Aug-17
Corinne Medina San Jose, CA 15-Aug-17
Lynne Sagen San Jose, CA 16-Aug-17
Cristobal Lozano San Jose, CA 16-Aug-17
Melinda Hilder San Jose, CA 17-Aug-17
Roxana Marachi San Jose, CA 21-Aug-17
Marlies Lee San Jose, CA 21-Aug-17
Aileen Lee San Jose, CA 21-Aug-17
Susanne Koga San Jose, CA 22-Aug-17
Catherine San Jose, CA 22-Aug-17
Li Mei Shaw San Jose, CA 22-Aug-17
Li Mei Shaw San Jose, CA 23-Aug-17
Lori Kahn San Jose, CA 23-Aug-17
Shridhar Sahukar San Jose, CA 23-Aug-17
Judy Young San Jose, CA 23-Aug-17
Thena Luu San Jose, CA 23-Aug-17
Sathya Geetha San Jose, CA 23-Aug-17
Arthur Karrer San Jose, CA 24-Aug-17
Lee Phillips San Jose, CA 1-Sep-17
Erik Diaz San Jose, CA 3-Sep-17
Leana Olliffe San Jose, CA 3-Sep-17
Kyle Rosa San Jose, CA 4-Sep-17
Kathryn Mathewson San Jose, CA 12-Sep-17
Janet McLaughlin-Pfab San Jose, CA 18-Sep-17
Kristin Kapasi San jose, CA 18-Sep-17
Fadi saba San Jose, CA 18-Sep-17
Mario Guzman San Jose, CA 18-Sep-17
Carol Traub San Jose, CA 18-Sep-17
Barbara Pavel San Jose, CA 18-Sep-17
John Pavel San Jose, CA 18-Sep-17
Kelly Mirabella San jose, CA 18-Sep-17
Debra Gordon San Jose, CA 19-Sep-17
M Pelose San Jose, CA 20-Sep-17
Sandy Toma San Juan Capistrano, CA 31-Aug-17
Destiny Richardson San Juan, CA 5-Sep-17
Lawrence Abbott San Leandro, CA 11-Aug-17
Virginia Madsen San Leandro, CA 16-Aug-17
Colleen Okamoto San Leandro, CA 22-Aug-17
Claudette Blasquez San Leandro, CA 27-Aug-17
Kathy Shanahan San Leandro, CA 20-Sep-17
Kathy Hughes San Lorenzo, CA 15-Aug-17
Roxanne Lin San Lorenzo, CA 20-Aug-17
Catherine Cerri San Luis Obisbo, CA 6-Sep-17
Michael Manchak San Luis Obispo, CA 6-Sep-17
Joy Waller San Marcos, CA 27-Aug-17
Summer Herness San Marcos, CA 28-Aug-17
Laurie Blazina San Mateo, CA 14-Aug-17
Jelena Evans San Mateo, CA 15-Aug-17
Steve Evans San Mateo, CA 15-Aug-17
Shelley Adger San Mateo, CA 21-Aug-17
Hoda Boushakra San Mateo, CA 24-Aug-17
Gail Susan Gordon San Pablo, CA 5-Sep-17
Victoria Sievers San Rafael, CA 11-Aug-17
Alex Stadtner San Rafael, CA 14-Aug-17
Summer Kim San Rafael, CA 15-Aug-17
Myrto Ashe San Rafael, CA 17-Aug-17
Kim Hahn San Rafael, CA 20-Aug-17
Robert Ernst San Rafael, CA 20-Aug-17
Maggi Garloff San Rafael, CA 20-Aug-17
Lisa Safran San Rafael, CA 20-Aug-17
Deborah Temple San Rafael, CA 20-Aug-17
Lex Anderson San Rafael, CA 20-Aug-17
Kat Stranger San Rafael, CA 21-Aug-17
Vicki Sidley San Rafael, CA 21-Aug-17
Tom Bertino San Rafael, CA 21-Aug-17
Loretta Farris San Rafael, CA 21-Aug-17
Deborah Landowne San Rafael, CA 21-Aug-17
David Burghardt San Rafael, CA 21-Aug-17
Carolyn Lenerft San Rafael, CA 22-Aug-17
Anne Pera San Rafael, CA 22-Aug-17
Deanne Clough San Rafael, CA 22-Aug-17
Jaclyn Grace San Rafael, CA 23-Aug-17
Kaya Mey San Rafael, CA 24-Aug-17
Elizabeth Stein San Rafael, CA 24-Aug-17
Barbara Fess San rafael, CA 24-Aug-17
Elizabeth Meloney San Rafael, CA 1-Sep-17
Anne de Lovinfosse San Rafael, CA 4-Sep-17
Claire McDowell San Rafael, CA 5-Sep-17
E. Hanson San Rafael, CA 21-Aug-17
Rumyana Chimeva San Ralon, CA 16-Aug-17
Jamie White San Ramon, CA 14-Aug-17
Rachel Weyhenmeyer San Ramon, CA 27-Aug-17
Vares Saidmumtaz San Ramon, CA 4-Sep-17
Rachel Cholula Santa Ana, CA 14-Aug-17
Mimi Campbell Santa Barbara, CA 11-Aug-17
CAmille Gilbert Santa Barbara, CA 14-Aug-17
Rich Moser Santa Barbara, CA 15-Aug-17
Madisyn Taylor Santa Barbara, CA 16-Aug-17
Kristen Sell Santa Barbara, CA 3-Sep-17
Laurie Schuster Santa Barbara, CA 4-Sep-17
Mandy Abbas Santa Barbara, CA 19-Sep-17
Mary Turley Santa Barbara, CA 19-Sep-17
Cheng Chow Santa Clara, CA 10-Aug-17
Patricia Cachopo Santa Clara, CA 11-Aug-17
Susana Donets Santa Clara, CA 12-Aug-17
Satya Kattamuri Santa Clara, CA 23-Aug-17
Ramakrishnan Santa Clara, CA 23-Aug-17
Mirelle Grayhouse Santa Clara, CA 23-Aug-17
Ishao Chen Santa Clara, CA 23-Aug-17
Tanisha Lindsey Santa Clara, CA 3-Sep-17
Annie Wheeler Santa Clara, CA 7-Sep-17
Jorge Moran Santa Clarita, CA 15-Aug-17
Coco Vallis Santa Clarita, CA 4-Sep-17
George Hoffer Santa Cruz, CA 12-Aug-17
Kelly Audtin Santa Cruz, CA 12-Aug-17
Joanne Russell Santa Cruz, CA 15-Aug-17
Paul Doyon Santa Cruz, CA 27-Aug-17
Thomas Milcarek Santa Cruz, CA 29-Aug-17
Dr. Jude Todd Santa Cruz, CA 29-Aug-17
Jean Holmgren Santa Cruz, CA 29-Aug-17
Celia Scott Santa Cruz, CA 29-Aug-17
Theodora Kerry Santa Cruz, CA 31-Aug-17
Deb Wirkman Santa Cruz, CA 2-Sep-17
Julie Reiner Santa Cruz, CA 3-Sep-17
France-Marie Louvet Santa Cruz, CA 4-Sep-17
Kathryn Chetkovich Santa Cruz, CA 5-Sep-17
Catharine Gunderson Santa Cruz, CA 6-Sep-17
Monica Pielage Santa Cruz, CA 7-Sep-17
Monique Verdin Santa Maria, CA 14-Aug-17
Julie Cruse Santa Maria, CA 14-Aug-17
Amy Verdin Santa Maria, CA 15-Aug-17
Jesse Verdin Santa Maria, CA 18-Aug-17
Rebecca Carey Santa Maria, CA 27-Aug-17
Janet Wathen Santa Maria, CA 30-Aug-17
Beth Wweetwater Santa Maria, CA 15-Sep-17
Karen Allen Santa Maria, CA 19-Sep-17
Tina Cameron Santa Monica, CA 10-Aug-17
Regina Urbina Santa Monica, CA 13-Aug-17
Lisa Priestley Santa Monica, CA 14-Aug-17
Sachiko Mohri Santa Monica, CA 21-Aug-17
Wilma Moulder Santa Paula, CA 13-Aug-17
Frederick Schneider Santa Paula, CA 28-Aug-17
Shirley White Santa rosa Ca, CA 1-Sep-17
Kirsten Cutler Santa Rosa, CA 10-Aug-17
Lakshmi Maurizi Santa Rosa, CA 10-Aug-17
Geo Howard Santa Rosa, CA 11-Aug-17
Carolyn Scott Santa Rosa, CA 11-Aug-17
Julie Marchasin Santa Rosa, CA 11-Aug-17
Carol Champagne Santa Rosa, CA 11-Aug-17
Nancy Evans Santa Rosa, CA 12-Aug-17
Bernard Chevalier Santa Rosa, CA 12-Aug-17
Carol Vellutini Santa Rosa, CA 13-Aug-17
Doran Fields Santa Rosa, CA 14-Aug-17
Juana CAstanheira Santa Rosa, CA 14-Aug-17
Nancy Latimer Santa Rosa, CA 14-Aug-17
Joanne Chieppa Santa Rosa, CA 15-Aug-17
Douglas Shuping Santa Rosa, CA 15-Aug-17
Mary England Santa Rosa, CA 17-Aug-17
Renee Valentino Santa Rosa, CA 20-Aug-17
Natalie Musser Santa Rosa, CA 23-Aug-17
Katharina Rosen Santa Rosa, CA 23-Aug-17
Carolyn Towon Santa Rosa, CA 23-Aug-17
Alexandra Moore Santa Rosa, CA 23-Aug-17
Darria Kosich Santa Rosa, CA 23-Aug-17
Jonna Hensley Santa Rosa, CA 25-Aug-17
Nicky Isaza Santa Rosa, CA 26-Aug-17
Jennifer Gildred Santa Rosa, CA 27-Aug-17
Beth Stansberry Santa Rosa, CA 30-Aug-17
Dawn Perez Santa Rosa, CA 30-Aug-17
Jorge Rebagliati Santa Rosa, CA 1-Sep-17
Shelly Browning Santa Rosa, CA 1-Sep-17
Diana Barnes Santa Rosa, CA 2-Sep-17
Amelia Chapman Santa Rosa, CA 6-Sep-17
Dea Maurizi Santa Rosa, CA 6-Sep-17
Thea Carlson Santa Rosa, CA 8-Sep-17
Andrea Park Santa Rosa, CA 11-Sep-17
Manuel Delao Santa Rosa, CA 12-Sep-17
Lynn Colborn Santa Rosa, CA 15-Sep-17
Janis Jacobs Saratoga, CA 11-Aug-17
Vishnu Gottimukkala Saratoga, CA 22-Aug-17
Cheriel Jensen Saratoga, CA 5-Sep-17
Nancy Osborn Sausaliato, CA 29-Aug-17
Sunshine Weismehl Sausalito, CA 21-Aug-17
Rich Stagliano Sausalito, CA 22-Aug-17
Tabra Tunoa Sausalito, CA 29-Aug-17
Jennifer Diessel Sausalito, CA 11-Sep-17
David Swope Sausalito, CA 11-Sep-17
Laurie Monroe Sausalito, CA 15-Sep-17
Natasha Nikolaeva Scotts Valley, CA 16-Aug-17
Martha Jones Scotts Valley, CA 21-Aug-17
Karen Oldaker Sebastopol, CA 10-Aug-17
Daniela kingwill Sebastopol, CA 10-Aug-17
Lisa Barkman Sebastopol, CA 10-Aug-17
Deborah Kraft Sebastopol, CA 11-Aug-17
Debra Van Dusen Sebastopol, CA 11-Aug-17
Mary Good Sebastopol, CA 13-Aug-17
Marie Melchor Sebastopol, CA 14-Aug-17
Jennifer Sedna Sebastopol, CA 14-Aug-17
Marjorie Bair Sebastopol, CA 15-Aug-17
Sandy Tate Sebastopol, CA 15-Aug-17
Brandy L. Rucker Sebastopol, CA 17-Aug-17
Deanne Thompson Sebastopol, CA 21-Aug-17
Alice Larsen Sebastopol, CA 21-Aug-17
Barbara Isaksen Sebastopol, CA 22-Aug-17
Michele Linfante Sebastopol, CA 22-Aug-17
Peggy Karp Sebastopol, CA 22-Aug-17
Kim Atkinson Sebastopol, CA 22-Aug-17
Lee Vandeveer Sebastopol, CA 23-Aug-17
Louisa Ernst Sebastopol, CA 23-Aug-17
Andrew Annenberg Sebastopol, CA 23-Aug-17
Rose Risucci Sebastopol, CA 23-Aug-17
Sandra Rubin Sebastopol, CA 24-Aug-17
Whitney Mullins Sebastopol, CA 27-Aug-17
Barbara Marland Sebastopol, CA 27-Aug-17
Suzanne Lande Sebastopol, CA 1-Sep-17
Kelley McNeal Sebastopol, CA 1-Sep-17
Barbara A. Renzullo Sebastopol, CA 5-Sep-17
Rochelle Lane Sherman Oaks, CA 10-Aug-17
Brianna Huish Sherman Oaks, CA 4-Sep-17
John Ortiz Sherman oaks, CA 4-Sep-17
Janet Spiegel Sherwood Forest, CA 17-Aug-17
Sarah Mikels Sherwood Forest, CA 28-Aug-17
Patricia Chelseth Shingle Springs, CA 14-Aug-17
Dana Smith Shingle Springs, CA 6-Sep-17
David Abernathy Sierra Madre, CA 13-Aug-17
Gail Mirliss Simi Valley, CA 13-Aug-17
Rebecca Turley Simi Valley, CA 3-Sep-17
Courtney Kenyon Solana Beach, CA 28-Aug-17
Daen H Solvang, CA 13-Aug-17
Mark Marthaler Sonoma, CA 10-Aug-17
Shelley Masters Sonoma, CA 10-Aug-17
Chenoa farmer Sonoma, CA 11-Aug-17
Barbara Bloom Sonoma, CA 15-Aug-17
Brogan Davis Sonoma, CA 15-Aug-17
Lois Jurasek Sonoma, CA 20-Aug-17
Lindi Gallagher Sonoma, CA 29-Aug-17
Maureen Clancy Sonoma, CA 5-Sep-17
Marisa Aalfs Sonora, CA 29-Aug-17
Hetty Booth Sonora, CA 30-Aug-17
Robert Newton Sonora, CA 4-Sep-17
Kristin Newton Sonora, CA 7-Sep-17
martina Nicholson Soquel, CA 12-Aug-17
Sarah Rabkin Soquel, CA 30-Aug-17
Melinda McComb Soquel, CA 9-Sep-17
Theresa Poland South Lake Tahoe, CA 15-Aug-17
Garrett Ferrulli Springville, CA 14-Aug-17
Wendy Negus Springville, CA 14-Aug-17
Lisa Gammell Springville, CA 15-Aug-17
Kelly a Doyle Stinson Beach, CA 23-Aug-17
Wendy Martinez Stockton, CA 15-Aug-17
Patricia Garrigan Stockton, CA 18-Aug-17
Susan Arnett Stockton, CA 19-Aug-17
Sal Frausto Stockton, CA 22-Aug-17
Gabriela Fernandez Stockton, CA 3-Sep-17
Moyura hang Stockton, CA 3-Sep-17
Marina Roeun Stockton, CA 3-Sep-17
Sammi Lee Stockton, CA 10-Sep-17
Harvey Barkan Studio City, CA 12-Aug-17
Bjorn Martinoff Studio City, CA 14-Aug-17
Jorel Decker Studio City, CA 2-Sep-17
Susan Scott Sugarloaf, CA 16-Aug-17
Nicole Martel Summerland, CA 6-Sep-17
Louis Rivera Sun Valley, CA 3-Sep-17
K Hekking Sun Valley, CA 15-Sep-17
Elizabeth Freeman Sun Valley, CA 15-Sep-17
Jose R Martinez Sunnyvale, CA 11-Aug-17
Irene Willett Sunnyvale, CA 12-Aug-17
Harold Boritz Sunnyvale, CA 13-Aug-17
Kimberly Moulton Sunnyvale, CA 1-Sep-17
YuChun Yip Sunnyvale, CA 8-Sep-17
Audrey Smith Sunnyvale, CA 12-Sep-17
Oliah Fahrenwald Sutter Creek, CA 12-Aug-17
Isamar Gonzalez Sylmar, CA 9-Sep-17
Richard Mills Tarzana, CA 13-Aug-17
Craig Weaver Temecula, CA 13-Aug-17
Tara Madsen Temecula, CA 15-Aug-17
Dan Madsen Temecula, CA 15-Aug-17
Gail Warthen Temecula, CA 15-Aug-17
Kristen Child Temecula, CA 15-Aug-17
Jean Ghanem-Ybarra Temecula, CA 17-Aug-17
Parrish Davis Temecula, CA 9-Sep-17
Naomi Frismodt Templeton, CA 7-Sep-17
Reina Sanchez Thermal, CA 15-Aug-17
Tatiana Paje Thousand Oaks, CA 14-Aug-17
Lane Hale Thousand Oaks, CA 14-Aug-17
Amy Barker Thousand Oaks, CA 16-Aug-17
Carolyn Bogush Thousand Oaks, CA 22-Aug-17
Sean Coyle Thousand Oaks, CA 26-Aug-17
Steve Brazil Thousand Oaks, CA 5-Sep-17
Marcelle King Thousand Oaks, CA 19-Sep-17
Lori Grace Tiburon, CA 31-Aug-17
Elizabeth Barris Topanga, CA 14-Aug-17
Heather Widen, Aicp Topanga, CA 14-Aug-17
Julie Levine Topanga, CA 15-Aug-17
Joseph Peck Topanga, CA 12-Sep-17
Elaine Wilson Torrance, CA 13-Aug-17
Philip Johnson Torrance, CA 17-Aug-17
Michael Dominguez Torrance, CA 22-Aug-17
Abraham Cheung Torrance, CA 23-Aug-17
Jerome Simmons Torrance, CA 2-Sep-17
Kristen Ferrulli Tracy, CA 14-Aug-17
Germaine Clark Tracy, CA 14-Aug-17
Angelic Woodings Tracy, CA 14-Aug-17
Alina CArdoza Tracy, CA 14-Aug-17
Paula Fagundes Tracy, CA 14-Aug-17
Jonny Garcia Tracy, CA 14-Aug-17
Jennifer Pagan Tracy, CA 14-Aug-17
Gail Gabbert Tracy, CA 14-Aug-17
Jennifer Masquelier Tracy, CA 14-Aug-17
Michael Zuro Tracy, CA 15-Aug-17
Kimberly Olivarez Tracy, CA 15-Aug-17
Debbie Tracy, CA 15-Aug-17
Anna Chase Tracy, CA 15-Aug-17
Jennifer Pereira Tracy, CA 15-Aug-17
Diane Tantimonacoc Truckee, CA 12-Aug-17
Matthew Tantimonaco Truckee, CA 17-Aug-17
Vanessa Truckee, CA 17-Aug-17
Erik Smakulski Truckee, CA 17-Aug-17
Erica Petrosky Truckee, CA 17-Aug-17
Kathleen Ford Tujunga, CA 17-Aug-17
Chandrika Behymer Tuolumne, CA 17-Aug-17
Kathy Van Hoorne Turlock, CA 14-Aug-17
Danielle Silveira Turlock, CA 16-Aug-17
Tammy Murphy Tustin, CA 17-Aug-17
Aaron Francis Tustin, CA 2-Sep-17
Maureen Homan Tustin, CA 5-Sep-17
Kim Ehler Ukiah, CA 14-Aug-17
Rachelle Coleman Ukiah, CA 14-Aug-17
Jim Mastin Ukiah, CA 21-Aug-17
Sandra Aron Marshall Ukiah, CA 5-Sep-17
Jeanne Tollow Ukiah, CA 20-Sep-17
Ravi Jha Union City, CA 22-Aug-17
Maria Elias Union City, CA 6-Sep-17
Gabby Cabrera Upland, CA 19-Aug-17
Dorothy Lebovitz Upland, CA 12-Sep-17
Roger m Delgado Jr Vacaville, CA 3-Sep-17
Julissa Ramirez Vacaville, CA 9-Sep-17
Lori Bergstrom Valencia, CA 12-Aug-17
Zachary Borders Vallejo, CA 6-Sep-17
Erica Chappell Vallejo, CA 11-Sep-17
Dawn Roth Valley Center, CA 15-Aug-17
Donna Heinz Valley Glen, CA 14-Aug-17
Rouel Cazanjian Van Nuys, CA 13-Aug-17
RebecCA Meyer Van Nuys, CA 14-Aug-17
Janis Mcquain Van Nuys, CA 17-Aug-17
Temmer Darigan Van Nuys, CA 20-Aug-17
David Leitch Venice, CA 12-Sep-17
Ryan Cade Ventura, CA 12-Aug-17
Nicolas Buckmelter Ventura, CA 16-Aug-17
Allison Buckmelter Ventura, CA 16-Aug-17
Ron Bonnell Ventura, CA 29-Aug-17
Jaz Vera Ventura, CA 29-Aug-17
Joseph Waldron Victorville, CA 14-Aug-17
Brenda Waldron Victorville, CA 16-Aug-17
Britney Shull Victorville, CA 4-Sep-17
Linda Donahue Viola, CA 16-Aug-17
Adria Avery Vista, CA 27-Aug-17
Deborah Burroughs Vista, CA 28-Aug-17
etreais Treais Vista, CA 29-Aug-17
Grace Blackburn Vista, CA 31-Aug-17
Robert Broska Vista, CA 1-Sep-17
Paula Colby Vista, CA 1-Sep-17
Judith Ann Swanick Vista, CA 1-Sep-17
Pamela Lindsay Vista, CA 7-Sep-17
Ron Renirie Walnut Creek, CA 11-Aug-17
Sandra Melero Walnut Creek, CA 14-Aug-17
Amy Brain Walnut Creek, CA 14-Aug-17
Amy CAnfield Walnut Creek, CA 15-Aug-17
Anita M Bottari Walnut Creek, CA 15-Aug-17
Leslie Sturtz Walnut Creek, CA 17-Aug-17
Kimberly Roberson Walnut Creek, CA 17-Aug-17
Marguerite Judge Walnut Creek, CA 19-Aug-17
JoAnn Brown Walnut Creek, CA 21-Aug-17
Rodney Price Walnut Creek, CA 23-Aug-17
Judy Adler Walnut Creek, CA 28-Aug-17
Susan Thwaits Walnut Creek, CA 29-Aug-17
Melissa Benson Gazzaneo Walnut creek, CA 30-Aug-17
Sarah Reilly Walnut Creek, CA 11-Sep-17
Jamilah Vittor Watsonville, CA 12-Aug-17
Jean Harrah Watsonville, CA 13-Aug-17
Pete Kilburn watsonville, CA 13-Aug-17
Sherry Jackson Watsonville, CA 5-Sep-17
Alysa Waring Weed, CA 14-Aug-17
Laura Perls Weed, CA 22-Aug-17
Ira Brown West Hills, CA 11-Aug-17
Rhonda Alani West Hills, CA 12-Aug-17
Shelley Spiegel West Hills, CA 17-Aug-17
Tina Deraco West Hollywood, CA 6-Sep-17
Paul Berg West Sacramento, CA 14-Aug-17
Li Lan Chan Westminster, CA 13-Aug-17
Kristin Takamori Westminster, CA 5-Sep-17
Adrian Brandrup Wheatland, CA 14-Aug-17
Carol Miller Whittier, CA 18-Aug-17
Hana El Gamal Whittier, CA 8-Sep-17
Freddie Long Willits, CA 22-Aug-17
Mysty Long Willits, CA 22-Aug-17
Mobius Weller Willits, CA 22-Aug-17
Leila Recoder Wilton, CA 12-Aug-17
Marilyn Geary Woodacre, CA 21-Aug-17
Connie Siegel Woodacre, CA 23-Aug-17
John Clark Woodland Hills, CA 15-Aug-17
Alice Sakharov Woodland Hills, CA 15-Aug-17
Bridget Kelley Woodland Hills, CA 28-Aug-17
Bryan Kelley Woodland Hills, CA 28-Aug-17
Susan PeliCAn Woodland, CA 14-Aug-17
Leslie Cheaney Woodland, CA 17-Aug-17
Terry Bailey Yorba linda, CA 19-Sep-17
Janet Henrich Yuba City, CA 4-Sep-17
Paul Smith Yuba City, CA 21-Sep-17
Teresa Ramon Yucaipa, CA 5-Sep-17
Rick Hepler Yucca Valley, CA 13-Aug-17