The following is great suggestion from an attorney friend who is very experienced in these matters. For every comment one makes in a Government meeting. Doing so makes the presentation an ACTUAL testimony, such that the statements are considered by law to be TRUE unless someone else under oath proves otherwise.

Start: I attest and affirm that the following statements are true, accurate, and within my personal knowledge.

[300 or so words of testimony go here]

End: I have expressed no matter of concern but solely matters of substance, fact and law.

Be sure to include the following comments that were entered into the City of Sonoma Public record on 9/12/19, by a Professional RF Engineer hired by many cities to advise them (Monterey, Sonoma and Napa come to mind):

Lee Afflerbach from CTC Technology and Energy states at 3:10:24 in the video —> https://youtu.be/HRYFXx7oNN4?t=3h10m24s

“many people are [wirelessly] streaming video and other services like that . . . each [small] cell is capable of almost putting out the same energy as one macro cell.”

Lee Afflerbach from CTC Technology and Energy states at 3:13:22 in the video —> https://youtu.be/HRYFXx7oNN4?t=3h13m22s

“. . . my staff has probably reviewed several hundred of these small cells in the last year . . . and they are all 4G . . . The radios that they are using are the exact same radios that are up on the
macro towers
. It’s not a different technology . . . the same boxes as on macro towers. I see them all the time.”