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Header 2: Editor Preferences

  • Get used to Zenburn defaults or swap theme?
    • Orange highlights
    • Green links
  • How to change themes?
  • How to expand tabs to spaces?
  • How to change colors of background and headers?
  • Make a link by pasting onto selected text
  • Link to by replacing xxx
  • Ctl-L on selected text and hit
  • Make text Bold italic and underlines
  • ~~Strike through~~ | NO, so this works
  • ==Mark== | NO, so this works
  • Clt-J to remove line breaks_xxx
  • Copy as HTML__xxx
  • Copy Preview (via right-click) as is to Gutenberg

Header 3: CSS preview preferences

  • Set Default font
  • Copy/paste into MS Mail, as is?
  • Reduce bottom margin on headers
  • How to introduce custom css classes for divs et al.
  • How to specify headers and footers via Print / Preview
  • Export to Microsoft Excel_xxx

Header 4: Keyboard short cuts

  • Ctl-F | Find
  • Ctl-H | Replace
  • Ctl-S | Save
  • Sft-Ctl-S | Save as
  • Sft-Ctl-V | Very Special Paste
  • Alt-V | Very Special Paste from HTML
  • Ctl-L | Link on selected text
  • Ctl-K | Kode
  • Alt-F | Wrap & format_xxx
  • Sft-Alt-F | Unwrap & format_xxx
Header 5
Header 6

Bonus: Good Alt-V Paste from HTML

Dense 4G/5G Rollout in Tucson Meets Strong Opposition

Adapted from an article and news report by Chorus Nylander, June 14, 2021 | KVOA News 4 Tucson article here

TUCSON (KVOA) – It’s the highly anticipated future for mobile service but for many Tucsonans 5G is not a future they asked for. These days dense 4G/5G Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs) are popping up just about everywhere, and many homeowners tell the News 4 Tucson Investigators that they are furious.

Tucson resident Bryan Goldkuhl said:

“They Hid It From Us Until the Last Minute.”

Goldkuhl is outraged after a 4G/5G WTF was put up across the street from his home:

“They started by jacking pipe underneath the street that was probably three months ago. When we asked them about it, they told us they were just putting in fiber optic cable then when we found out it was for a cell tower, now we’re being told it’s too late to do anything about it,”