Too Much Electromagnetic Power Through-the-Air

The Goal in Building the Dense 4G/5G Wireless Antenna Infrastructure Grid is to Pollute Towns with Exponentially Higher Amounts of Electromagnetic Power Through the Air to “Wirlessly Connect” Everything, Which Will Obliterate Privacy and “Achieve” Obscene Profits and Tight Control Over People (via Social Credit Scores)

This ill-advised plan would result in significantly more adverse bio-effects. Even worse, 4G/5G millimeter-wave RF-EMR (~20,000 to 40,000 MHz) is to be beam-formed and sprayed in 15-20 degree-wide beams, a deployment that approaches maser-like, directed-energy weapons (DEW). A maser is a microwave laser or microwave taser.

Pulsed, data-modulated, RF Microwave Radiation causes scientifically-established melatonin-suppression, immuno-suppression, and immediate/direct neurological damages, as well as other bio-effects (see pdf file below) — resulting from far too many simultaneous sources of pulsed, data-modulated RF Microwave Radiation from 4G/5G infrastructure antennas, Wi-Fi hotspot antennas and Over-the-Air “Reception” Device (OTARD) antennas, which are now being allowed to be full-power, send/receive wireless facilities at insufficiently-regulated power levels. Too many towns are allowing hazardous antennas to proliferate in residential and school zones, which is ruining our inalienable rights to privacy, quiet enjoyment of streets and public safety, rights which are guaranteed by the US and many state constitutions.

  • As a wavelength approaches body-part size, its absorption increases exponentially. Thus, microwaves have been known for decades as the most bioactive and harmful of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. When a wavelength approximates a body dimension, resonance is achieved: the body part or whole body effectively becomes a concentrating antenna.
  • Similarly, this RF microwave radiation interferes with electronic medical devices. See Mobile Communications Safety pp. 65-94 — RF interference (RFI) of medical devices by mobile communications transmitters.
  • The ~20” waves (from 600 MHz T-Mobile 5G) penetrates deeply into human and animal bodies, maximizing harm in babies and small children.
  • The ~2” to 5” waves (from 2,450 MHz to 5,800 MHz Wi-Fi) target the primary organs: brain, heart, lungs, liver, thyroid, thymus, kidneys, genitalia, in humans and larger animals.
  • The 10 to 0.1 millimeter waves (from 30,000 MHz to 300,000 MHz) target the most critical organs of perception – eyes and ears – in addition to the body’s largest organ: the skin.
  • Resonating at the lengths of insect antennas, these mm microwaves can exterminate pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies , and birds and all other wildlife, as well.
  • Farm animals are immediately harmed by 4G/5G RF Microwave Radiation — torturing all living beings by way of neurologic and hormonal control systems interference.