From 2015 — Michael Schwaebe: Microsurge Electrical Pollution

>>> Sal La Duca wrote on 6/15/21 5:00 PM:

Hey Andre,

Take my words out of context, eh?

That qualifies you as a fake news artist.

My words were on point, and stand on their own.

And the solutions to your issues were within the message, or maybe you were speed-reading and missed that part?


>>> Robert Steller wrote

Finally the truth about DE Filters. I measured hundreds and hundreds of homes for years to the German Standard of Building Biology and find nothing but trouble just as you describe it, I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful answer.

In the majority of homes fields and “dirty electricity” calm down or even disappear after any kind of plug in filters are removed.

I will not mention any names but in one recent incident I measured a home with several filters plugged in of which I was not aware in the beginning. Upon further investigation and measurements I found that a very large Magnetic Field disappeared from the headboard area of a 12 year old girl. We did the exercise numerous times, filters plugged in and out. By filters plugged in, not only a large Magnetic Field appeared throughout the entire house but created a field 3 times larger then the threshold of childhood leukaemia on the poor little girls head.

The parents were lead to believe by buying those filters and plug them in, the health of the little girl would improve. Well it did not she was exposed for 2 years to a Magnetic Field where most “North American” Building Biologist would run away from as fast as they could.

In Germany, that would be very close to criminal behaviour.

I don’t know who (in Toronto) sold the filters to that family but I truly hope he or she reads this.
Thanks again for speaking up

Best regards

Robert Steller,

Senior Building Biologist

>>> Sal La Duca wrote on 6/15/21 4:04 PM:

Dear André,

I appreciate you as a resource for valuable material,
but you also distribute BS in almost equal measure.

Capacitors used in AC systems indeed charge up, 120 times per second, and subsequently discharge, 120 times per second. But someone non-technical might as well say they get charged, meaning “tired,” and need to be unplugged, to “discharge.”

Since the date of your email, and by the list of eminent individuals, I would have expected to see no less than half a dozen messages repeating my previous paragraph, especially since some of those individuals claim engineering credentials. Yet, not a single public reply from those certified as “talented” that could benefit the group, leaving me to provide meaningful content to the group.

From what little I learned from operating a nuclear power plant, and later a wide-area power transmission and distribution system, and yet later as an electronic tech, capacitors do not get “charged,” as in meaning tired. At least in my world, which keeps the power available behind your light switch. The ones used by the utilities do not have resistance, and an extreme minimum of inductance, so they really qualify as “capacitors.”

However, when they are sold as residential “filters,” for compactness and safety they also contain a mix of inductance and resistance. So the residential “filters” are a complex electronic circuit, that when fed to an AC power system will develop Harmonics (what you call “dirty” electricity) of their own, that are impressed on the local power feed, despite their marketing claiming they remove this “dirt.”

Individual plug-ins will of course be unevenly installed on the two different electrical buses, causing neutral current on the main electrical feed. In most instances, this will also be part of a shared neutral current with other metallic systems, such as plumbing, as Stray current. This will, more often than not, cause a whole-house magnetic field. While the impact on voltage from these filters is perhaps 3%, for current there may be greater than 100% distortion from 60 Hz (the harmonics are bigger than the 60 Hz input). So the Stray current will be a most “dirty” current, with a matching most “dirty” magnetic field. So plugging these in under these conditions is not warranted.
When associated with a wiring error, which can impact a room, rooms, or the entire home, the same effect occurs, that being a very “dirty” Magnetic field. So plugging these in under these conditions is also not warranted.

For Ms. Pollock to have labored through 7 years of fixing wiring errors, makes me wonder how many hackers had a hand in her system, let alone “licensed, professional” electricians. Something smells foul. Yet she “survived” her “critical illness” for 7 years, through these filter installs, despite the unforgiving variables just noted, suffering through filter-affected / created magnetic fields, thinking they were getting charged / tired, when in fact it was her metabolism getting overwhelmed by their effects. Yet now she’s a dealer for them. What marvel!

A few words for those “filter” people.

A recent client interacted with Mr. Stotyn about returning the filters, and while he initially instructed the electrician to be the installer, he later instructed the electrician to segregate the neutral wires from the ground wires in the breaker panel. I am not aware what electrical code he goes by, but in the States the NEC mandates the neutrals and grounds be united in the panel to function as one. So asking the electrician to segregate the neutral wires from the ground wires in the breaker panel is simply a delaying tactic, since electricians may not be too quick to come and rearrange a panel to make it look “neat,” when electrically nothing changes. Asking for such work is asking the client to absorb additional costs in a delay tactic that favors SineTamer only, because once the 30 days are over, the client owns the equipment. In a message to a client he stated that “We have only had one unit returned in 8 years,” so the delaying tactics are working well, considering getting an electrician to do this work may take weeks.

Another client received the same treatment, and that home was brand new!

If this product is so good, why is the refund period only 30 days?

Mr. Stotyn claimed that “The issue is with the neutral wire touching the panel box itself. It will be like you haven’t segregated any of the mixed neutrals and grounds from within your panel that are causing large EMF levels throughout the home.”

Large EMF levels throughout the home? Really? I wonder what world he’s living in.

He went on to say “Myself, and Bill Bathgate have reviewed the report and both agree to this finding. We test power all the time and both know how to analyze power findings from oscilloscopes and meters.”

Peculiarly, they use an oscilloscope with two traces. One trace for the 60 Hz directly, and a second trace through a high-pass filter that eliminates frequencies below about 4 kHz, where the strongest and most relevant harmonics (“dirt” to you) reside. This is not a legitimate way of operating an oscilloscope, as the second trace cannot be properly interpreted, and the usefulness of the scope is to dazzle the client who may have only ever seen one on the telly in a Frankenstein movie. So Messrs. Stotyn and Bathgate are blowing smoke.

A perhaps trivial detail is that all of these “filters,” of whatever name, are Parallel filters. Series filters are the only type that really condition the power. But it’s cheaper to market a $2,000 filter for a panel, with smoke and mirrors, or many individual plug-ins, than use very expensive series filters, or have the client change equipment to properly address the problem. Looking at the sketch below, in an even passing fashion, you should quickly get the picture that a parallel filter is useless for electricity, just as it is useless in an HVAC system, or in a water system. But please, keep drinking the parallel “filtered” water, it’s good for my business.

ELECTRIC HOSTAGE, a book exclusively available through, outlines the limited usefulness of the oscilloscope (among other things) beyond narrow boundaries, and suggests unambiguous ways to make informed measurements. But I doubt it will be of any use to the “filter people,” because there’s easier money in smoke and mirrors.

For those on a budget, the same web site also provides free files to educate the ignorant on the proper method of quantizing what you call dirt, but which is formally named Harmonic Distortion, per IEEE Std 519, since at least 1992. So rather than the blind leading the blind, cycling from Stetzers, to Greenwave, to DNA, to SineTamer, to Satic, to PowerPerfect, etc., the Building Biology group could go beyond conventional engineering practice, to help those most needy clients. But as long as the present conditions persist, real engineers have no worry from Building Biologists.

It will be humiliating, as customers buy ELECTRIC HOSTAGE, hire a Building Biologist, and then throw them out realizing they’re scam artists, rather than the talented professionals they could be. Their “teachers” deserve harsher words.

Like what was an amicable technical discussion of long ago, I’m sure you (André) will forward this to someone to stir the pot, perhaps Stotyn, Bathgate, Stetzer, Wolfgang Maes, etc.

In closing, your combined silence strongly suggests you’ve either been taken, or are on the take, both bad choices for the positions some of you may be holding. Or maybe Andre mistakenly stuck you in the mailing list, expecting free consulting time?


On Wed, May 12, 2021 at 6:28 AM André Fauteux <> wrote:

Anyone hear about how they create problems by charging up and need to be unplugged once in a while? Why is that?

Learned about that in this interview by Bonnie Pollock with Terry Stotyn of Cratus Canada which distributes the SineTamer surge/transient suppressor:

Bonnie, who was critically ill with EHS, says she often felt unwell and had to unplug them. After 7 years of fixing wiring errors and other EMF sources, she said the SineTamer saved her life, allowed her to use her computer again, get a good night’s sleep, etc. She is now the Quebec dealer of this product.

Stotyn says that while capacitor filters just move dirty electricity to the neutral, the SineTamer filters it on all the home wiring (neutral and ground included) and the incoming main.




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